Ranger Right Out Of High School essay

Why did I want to be a airborne ranger right out of high school? Well its for one thing very hard to explain because know some of the reasons but in the end I was honestly just drawn to it for some reason.

I do know thou that I wanted to be something more than a regular army infantryman and that I needed to be something more, and equally as important I wanted to show my parents I could do it and make them proud.Some of the reasons was drawn to being a ranger was because I wanted to do what they do to go and fight the enemies of America and be in actually combat. Wanted to do all the things that only airborne rangers can do such s go ride in little birds and blow doors in I’ve always wanted to do that since I was a young kid but it wasn’t tell learned about the 75 ranger regiment that I found out I could do it right out of high school. The whole life style of the army applied to me I wanted the discipline and structure in my life that collage wouldn’t offer me.

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I also want to be different from everyone else my age because I could have gone to collage had very enticing scholarships but I turned it all down cause I knew I could pass all the test and I really wanted to be a ranger more than I wanted any collage degree or anything else. Being on the bottom is also something I could never have settle for when I was first thinking of joining the army. My personality just won’t allow me to settle when I think there is more I could do, just always want to be the best and among those who think like think.

It’s just that need to win and be the best like my parents raised me to be. Showing them that I was able to accomplish the task set for myself was a big one too, I didn’t want them to think I would just talk about being a ranger then let the opportunity slip through my fingertips. That’s why since I didn’t get one from my recruiter order my ass off in basic to get it every night doing pushup and sit ups so I could get picked for a contract.I wanted to be a ranger so I put the time and work into achieving that task. One big reason that is just something that most people don’t think about is the fact that I wanted to do something significant with my life that will be remembered forever maybe no my name but the rangers will be remembered long after I’m dead and in that I can say was a ranger and a part of something bigger then myself.

Also who doesn’t want to go to combat the most bedaubs infantry unit that racks up more kills than I can count?

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