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Rajwinder kaur Anthropology 310 Professor Fortunato March 12th, 2018 Kung Article PDF #3 Only Given the obvious cultural difference between kung society and more industrialized western societies, how different are the social relationships between men and women? Gender Roles and Marriage Among the !Kung Although we have yet to discover complete equality among the sexes in any pre-existing or presently existing society, the !Kung people are among the closest to reach such equality.

Society is referred to as a group of people who share common area, culture and behavior patterns. It is still my belief that one member of the relationship pair will have control over the other member, and over the relationship itself. Control is decided very early in most relationships, and this control frequently develops without either party being aware of its existence at the start. Perhaps because of worshipful attitude toward women, combined with the “values of equality” which have been forced upon through social pressure, men tend to allow women to take control over relationships in which he involved. A situation where men complain about women and women complain about men.

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But when the complaints are reduced to their basic components, they are essentially the same.In the article “Women and Men in Kung Society” Marjorie Shostak talks about men and women relationships. First one is the body of cultural traditions that makes you to differentiate a society from others. When people speak their mother tongue, then they are referred as the language, beliefs and traditions shared by each set of people that is different from others. Second one is the subculture in which different societies from different parts of the world preserve their original culture. Such people are the part of a subculture in the new society.

The third level is the cultural universals that consist of behavior patterns shared by the humanity. Some examples of such behavior patterns are communicating with a verbal language, use of age and gender to classify people, differentiation based on marriage and relationships.


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