Essay job and wishes that he could

Essay title: Raisin in the Sun

Walter has a steady, but low paying job and wishes that he could do more for his family.The money he makes hardly provides enough for his family to survive.He is constantly thinking about get rich quick schemes to insure a better life.He doesn’t want to be a poor back man all of his life and wishes that he could fit in with rich whites.He doesn’t realize that people won’t give him the same opportunities, as they would if he were white (Decker).Walter feels that he needs to provide more for his family and starts to ask around on how to make some money.He gets the idea of opening up a liquor store and has his heart set on it.

Because he wants to please everybody he loses his better judgment and acts without thinking of the long-term effects.He is ready for a change and feels the store will bring his family a better life (Hyzak).“Mama, a job? I open and close car doors all day long.I drive a man around in his Limousine and say, Yes, sir; no, sir; very good sir; shall I take the drive, sir?Mama, that ain’t no kind of job .

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.. that ain’t nothing at all” ( Hansberry 1755).Even though he doesn’t have money he won’t let others see that and acts as if he has some to spare.On one occasion, Travis needs money for school and his mother said no.Walter stepped in and gave him the money and some extra to get something different.

After he had done so, he had to ask his Ruth for money because he had to go somewhere.The money situation was causing a big problem. The Younger family, however, were expecting an insurance check for the amount of ten thousand dollars.The money came from the death of Mama’s husband.Each and every one in the family had a use thought out for the money.

Mama wished to buy a bigger house.Beneatha wanted to use it to attend a medical school.Ruth just wanted to use it practically and let Mama decide what to do with it, it was hers, and Walter wanted to start a liquor store with it.When the check arrived, small arguments arose but Mama had decided to make the down payment on a house and save some for Beneatha’s school as well as hard times.It was a big decision because Ruth had just found out that she was pregnant and the money would come in handy.

But with another child they needed a bigger house, Travis was sleeping in the living room already.Mama gave the money to Walter to put in the bank, but he gave it to a friend instead, so they could start a liquor store.Walter was feeling good about what he had done because he was going to be somebody.A few days later his friend came over and said that the third person in the deal took all of the money and ran.

He was lost he had no idea what to do with his life (Hyzak). The house they had put the down payment on was also causing problems.It was in a white neighborhood and all of the landowners didn’t want any blacks living there.The supervisor of that area said that they would pay the Younger, so they would not move there.Because the family had pride they turned the offer down.They wanted to do as they pleased and not let their lives be controlled by their color.All of them agreed that it was worth the fight to have a nice house.After Walter had lost the money, he gave up on himself and his desire to keep a strong family and to give them a good life.He called the supervisor and told him to come over to discuss the house.He had lost all of his values and also betrayed his family’s trust to do the right thing.A heated argument took place on the decision to move or not.In the end, he realized that he had made a mistake but it couldn’t keep him from doing the right thing and keep his family ties and values strong.He had faced up to his actions and finally become a man even though it was not how he had planned it.He may not be giving them a rich life but his dream did.

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