Rah’kem take a hot shower and brush

Rah’kem Aaten, Writing response 1 10-12-17The topic sentence is “a trip to the beach can be a relaxing escape from every day pressures of life” The sentence that can be removed is the last sentence.

It states “you should always try and avoid over exposure to the sun at the beach Four things to look for when proof reading are Improper grammar Spelling errors Punctuation errors Sentence errors like fragment sentences and run on A phrase or opinion that is overused and betray a look of original thought One man’s trash is another man’s treasure is an old cliché we all have said Two types of prewriting are researching and brain storming researching means to gather information before you start writing like from books people and interaction Brainstorming is to write down a bunch of ideas related to the topic To get ready for work I set out my clothes for the next day. Second I set me an alarm so I can wake up on time. Third I take a hot shower and brush my teeth forth I wash my face and brush my hair .last and least I check to make sure I have everything I need to have a productive and successful dayCollege are not for everyone. I feel like college isn’t for everyone because cause not everyone can afford to attend a college or have a desire to go to a college not all careers demand a college degree to attend college you have to come up with multiple ways to pay for tuition for some college cost a lot especially for people who have recently graduated thinking of all the money needed to attend college is discouraging just by its self not to mention what if your there and you decide to take a different career path there are still people who are in debt because of college and once they are enrolled but they do not go it is true that some may learn a lot more while in college than others but not everyone wants to go I just hope all are successful in what they want to do

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