Radley words Radley Balko believes that the

Radley Balko showed in his article that people should be responsible for theirown food. The government and insurance companies shouldn’t be involved on what a person eats or how much exercise a person gets because this is a individual choice. Balko wants everyone to understand that if people are responsible for their own healthcare costs. because of their life choices instead of carrying the increased costs on to other people. There would be more reason for people to take better care of themselves.

In other words Radley Balko believes that the best way to help the obesity public health serious problem is to remove obesity from the word of public health”(653)Balko argues that America’s healthcare system is moving towards socialism andpeople are becoming less responsible for their own health and more responsible for others. when it comes to what food people choose to consume and insist that the governmentshould not interfere with people who use a product choice. Balko explains that anti-overweight attempts to begin something new, such as removing junk food from food-dispensing machines in schools and ordering more described food labels, are taking off and are gaining federal Support.I agree with Balko’s way of thinking that the government should develop a sense ofpersonal responsibility for food choices in its people. Balko’s way of thinking that food choiceshould be nobody’s responsibility except the individual consumers.

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Trying to lie to people ortrying to control what they eat is unfair. If people are controlled to not eat junk food, when an opportunity to choose a harmful option presents itself, they are likely to choose the harmful option because they have been kept away from it. When children are young, it should be up to their parents to develop a sense of healthy eating habits, when the children grow up, it should be up to the individual to decide what to eat. All people should have the freedom to choose what food to eat and the opportunity to develop a way of thinking that encourages healthy food choices. To have that taken away by the government is to have a very important freedom and a good learning experience taken away. According to Radley Balko “This is the wrong way to fight obesity. Instead of controlling or getting involved and helping in the organized row options available to American consumers, our government should be working to help develop a sense of responsibility in the ownership of own health and well-being.

But we’re doing the opposite.”(652).


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