Essay persons’ perspective to understand it better.

Essay title: Racism in to Kill a Mocking Bird

Differences in the social status are observed considerably large in the society of Maycomb. Scout and Jem are two little children who are growing up, observing all the complicated incidents and trying to understand them.

In the Maycomb County, incidents get more and more complicated as the dilemma of racism becomes bigger and bigger and as wise Atticus starts losing faith in the good in people. Maycomb’s society is like a hierarchy. On the top there is Atticus Finch, he always tries to believe the good people. The ignorant farmers Cunningham’s are below the towns’ people, which are below Finches. The Ewell’s even lower on the society and the black society comes after them despite all of their honourable and respectable conditions. The place where black society stands on the social hierarchy enables Bob Ewell to cover his obscure presence by putting Tom Robinson down.Jem and Scout are growing in this society and Atticus keeps on trying to teach them to look at situations from another persons’ perspective to understand it better.

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This is like a moral lesson to the reader from Harper Lee. It is something that applies to everyone. The huge difference in social status is very destructive for the community and for Scout.

For example, Scout doesn’t understand why Aunt Alexander doesn’t let her be friends with young Cunningham. Harper Lee uses children’s naivety and simplicity to show the complexities of the adult world and prejudice in human interaction.Atticus grows his children to be fair and equal.

He is a very wise man, who in many situations knows how to act and what to do. In a racist society like Maycomb, he is brave enough to defend a black man. This trial is very important because it gives an insight of the society people and how they react to Tom’s death. At the end of this trial Jem looses his trust in rationality of the people and sees the irrational evil in people through this ugly incident.

When the ladies of the county get together in Finches house, we get to know more about the women of Maycomb. They talk about how their black maids complain and that Jesus never complained so no education will make a “Christian” out of them. They.

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