Racism new nationwide poll conducted by CNN and

Racismhas been a hot topic in American history; From slavery that started 1619 to themost recent police brutality in the 21st century. Since African American havenot been treated fairly in history, and it is still going on today, some of theexperience the African American face back then and now is the unfair treatmentof racial profiling, the blindness of white America, and the way they areperceived through history. As shown in the article by CNN, racism hasrisen over the years. In the article, it gives a poll about how big of aproblem is racism in our society and who is aware of the effects.

It states”In a new nationwide poll conducted by CNN and the Kaiser FamilyFoundation, roughly half of Americans — 49% — say racism is “a bigproblem” in society today” (Shoichet). That is an 8% increase fromwhat it was in 1995, which was 41% of Americans. In the article is stating that”In 1995, on the heels of the O.J. Simpson trial and just a few yearsafter the Rodney King case surged into the spotlight, 41% of Americansdescribed racism as “a big problem.” (Shoichet).

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 When doing the research through this article itgives information about racism growing since the 2008 election Barack Obama.Since his days in office, we have seen racism at its finest with the 2012Trayvon Martin case and the Charleston church massacre (Shoichet).  One of the quotes that were stated by Ellis Onicin the article talking about how the white man thinks. It states “Thewhite man has had his way for so long, they don’t think of it as racism. Theythink that’s just the way it is.” (Shoichet). This quote speech volume ofracism and why white America is blind to change.  Through history, the white man has had hisway so, in today society, most still think this way, because the ancestorsbefore them have had this mindset and this way of life, which brings us to thenext point to an article asking, “Why are people Racist.

”     Even in the year, 2017 racism is a growing andthe question everyone would like to know is, why is this a thing in this day inage? The article “Why are people still racist? What science says aboutAmerica’s race problem.” dissects the reasoning as to why people, in general,are racist. Most studies show that the people who are racist are due to thefact that is the way they were raised. A Yale psychologist by name of JenniferRicheson says “some deep-seated, evil heart that is cultivated.

It comesfrom the environment, the air all around us.” (Kaplan and wan) Theenvironment does play a part in the upbringing of anybody, so be exposed to theracism will happen. For example, in the age of slavery, no one really hadanything against the African, but since the Americans made them seem likebottom feeders to the world, everyone treats them that. Another quote spoken byRicheson is “The only way to change bias is to change culture…”  (Kaplan and wan).            Racism is not a problem of people teachingdiscrimination to others. Researchers explain that racism is the parent’sfailure to “teach kids not to be racist” (Wan & Kaplan). The exampleparents set to their children is powerful.

Toeffectively teach a child the parent mustcorrect and eradicate the undesiredbehaviors a child exhibits. It is very likely that a child learns racism fromhis environment, and if not promptly corrected the behavior becomes a part ofthat child’s character. Furthermore, children observe and imitate theirparents.

A parent’s behavior may have a negative effect on a child because thatis what the child is getting from his home environment.(Wan & Kaplan) It is up to the parentswho witness their child’s developing behavior to correct the racist tendenciestheir children may display.             As previously mentioned, the environmentplays an important role in the development ofracism.  William wan and Sarah Kaplanstate, “the nonverbal body language of black and white actors interactingwere enough to cause watchers to test higher for implicit bias afterward”().

Recent events have shown that people “may harbor feelings of fear orresentment that they don’t express in public” (Wan & Kaplan). Manytimes, society pressures people to express feelings of racism that they maynormally not show making the environment an important factor in the developmentof racism.            Another factor found in theenvironment that promotes racism is the contact with specific groups of peoplethat promote racism. These groups encourage “rhetoric that aims to lendlegitimacy to people’s racial and ethnic fears” (Wan & Kaplan). Thesegroups include the white supremacy group whorants during the Charlottesville rally were, ‘”You will not replace us” and “White Lives Matter”‘ (Wan & Kaplan).

These groups encourage ideologies such as racism that promotes prejudice.             Recently, racism has reignited in theUnited States. There have been many acts of violence that depict the fact thatracism was all but dead.

Knowles states that important public figures such asPresident Trump have sparked more racism. Knowles “thinks more virulent formsof racism are being unleashed” (Wan &Kaplan). President Trump’s hesitation in condemning the hate groups in theCharlottesville rally sent a message of encouragementG1 G2 to this hate group.            The violent actions of individuals whohave performed crimes of hate show that racism has grown or at least reignitedin these hate groups. Society needs to accept people from all nationalities andcultures. Violence has been a factor in racismfor a long time. Racial slurs have sparked violence, and have involved nastybeating and even murder. Death of civilian and public figures has resulted fromracial related violence.

All of this violence is a result of the racism, andmuch of it because of the color of a person’s skin.            Today’s society is plagued with racism andit is not going away. The solution to racism is not to wait for all the oldracist white male to die. This is a problem that has been passed fromgeneration to generation. The young people have a new and different view onsome topics that do not relate to racism “like climate change or gaymarriage” (Wan & Kaplan).

However, racism is a learned behavior thatmany understand as a change where “America is shifting into amajority-minority country” (Wan & Kaplan). This change in the countryis increasing the bias in people of all ages, not just the old white male. Thewhite man feels that minorities are growing at a rapid pace that will displacethem as the majority very soon.

 In order fora person to let go of the bad habit of being racist is to change his culture.For example, one must change the people they hang out with and the societyaround them. Racist behavior is usually pickedup from our surroundings like family and friends.It is hard to convince a person that heis wrong, but nothing is impossible. In America, we havethis thing called privilege.

Privilege is usually something that one is bornwith. In history, it was the white people had the upper hand with privilege. Onpage 485 of the online textbook, SPCH 1311: Introduction to SpeechCommunication, it has a section just on privilege altogether.

One of the linesreads “These people are what we refer to as the dominant group: white,male, Christian, middle-class, able-bodied, educated, and heterosexual.”(OER Pg. 485).  In history, we see thatpeople of power are white men and they have ruled our country for centuries.

However, when an African American male just so happens to step in it becomes abig deal to the public it become a race to see if the public can tear him down. Now in the year 2017,the black communities have the campaign for the black lives matter movement.According the Black Lives Matter website “The Black Lives Matter Global Networkis a chapter-based, member-led organization whose mission is to build localpower and to intervene in violence inflicted on Black communities by the stateand vigilante” (blacklivesmatter.com) This website is designed for the right ofAfrican American to show how the group as a whole should be treated fairly.

With the police brutality at a high since the case of Rodney King, they madethis organization. In conclusion to thisessay, The nation of the united states of America a blind to racism. Such asthe younger generation. Some schools want to take out the topic of slaverysince it is an uncomfortable topic to talk about in a public setting.  Us a nation have to share this information, sohistory will not repeat itself. Inserted: eInserted: a


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