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Racial passing has more advantages than disadvantage.Passing, especially racial passing is an everyday occurrence both in the past and our present world which is exhibited in so many ways leaving the passers to face either its pros, cons or both. So many people have been a victim of racial passing due to some circumstances. This can occur at work, school, within states and countries, gatherings, etc. in order to gain grounds, or escape from a situation. According to the article “Passing” by Gonzalez- Sabrino and Hughey, ” Racial passing (henceforth passing) is the social phenomenon where a person of one race identifies as part of another race.

Passing can also refer to the ability of being included in a different social class, caste, sexual orientation, or gender”(1) Allyson Hobbs emphasis on her speech on “A Chosen Exile: A History of Racial Passing in American Life”, making us understand how hard it was like to pass as a White person into America, the challenges that were faced and the consequences/ benefits of the aftermath.A lot of people have passed either to obtain access into another country, gain reputation and promotion at work, have access to their desired career or to be loved and be able to mingle at school or in a gathering, etc. Passing can be maneuvered through manipulating one’s skin color, mode of dressing, language, hair texture with the motive of identifying themselves as people of a different race, etc.

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Although the activity and disadvantages of passing has been recognised, however, there have been numerous benefits of passing than it’s adverse effects which includes gaining freedom from any kind of slavery, maintaining a high level position and reputation, achieving educational and career goals To start, a lot of people has passed to gain freedom from their boss whom they felt have treated them in an ill manner or from slavery just like the time of the antebellum, which is the time before the american civil war. During this period, slavery was legal and so a lot of blacks were made captives by the Whites and the only the Whites can travel with their slaves as they were regarded as masters over slaves. ………………………This made passing possible as people decided to pass using the strategy of transforming themselves by feigning their skin color into that of a white man.

According to Allyson Hobbs in her speech on “A Chosen Exile: A History of Racial Passing in American Life”, she stipulated that people would go the extreme just to fit into another society. Using Ellen Craft as an example, Hobbs explained the hardship and the stress that is being passed through while trying to pass. Ellen craft passed as white by posing as a white man with a black slave, who happens to be her husband. In order to successfully pass, she feigned illness by bounding her right hand in a sling, she also feigned disability and deafness, as well as avoiding people having a conversation or mingling with her (Hobbs 25:40)Also, in order to maintain a high level position and good reputations specially at workplace, people have disguised and passed as whites. According to Lindsey Davis who published the article “Passing”, where she made a research on some LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender) individuals on the process of passing, she explained that many of the individuals have hidden their “sexual orientations from family members and that managing sexual orientation in the workplace is also a serious concern for many individuals” (1) due to the fact that they have to pa


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