Essay line. The riots are not like we

Essay title: Race Riot

I think that it would be proper to give a little history about the author.

William Tuttle was a graduate from Denison University in 1959.He obtained his Ph.D. degree from the University of Wisconsin in 1967.

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He is a college professor and taught at various institutions.He has had many other writings in print.He has had his articles printed in various journals.

He also written another book called W.E.B. DuBois: Great Life Observed.He was a recipient of a fellowship and grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities and the American Council of Learned Societies.As you can see, Dr.

Tuttle was a very accomplished individual.I think the first major aspect you get is idea of the riot.He goes into great length talking about various riots that happened all throughout the nation.However, from reading it they all seemed to go down the same line.The riots are not like we typically think of but they are for the same reason.

In the books, perspective the killing of a black mostly started these riots.Black people would then retaliate by rioting.This theme was recurrent.Usually the papers or word of mouth instigated the riot.

Reason for this being an interesting aspect is the perception of the riots.When whites rioted, it was to protect dignity and to do the right thing.They had a so-called legit moral purpose for their actions.As Tuttle states blacks rioting were often seen as ruthless and they are depicted as animals and should be dealt with.This difference in depiction was interesting to me.

I guess it would lie in the mindset of the people of those prevailing times.One of the most highlighted points I think that Tuttle makes throughout the book is the role of the police.You can apply their actions to all of the riots.

They definitely played an important role in these riots.All throughout the book, they were instigators.They made false reports of blacks and their roles.They also had an important part in fueling the fire.

With their support, the brutal attacks on blacks went on without repercussions thus inviting more to join in the abuse.Many instances Tuttle states that the police not only condoned the beatings and killings but also participated in many of them.He often made the point of police involvement.Like when the two black officers came to arrest the suspected stoners the other white officers did not allow them to arrest them and let them go free.These actions put fear into blacks.

Tuttle states, “They had expected little else of a police force which they had come to view as the armed representative of white hostility”(Tuttle, 33).These actions may explain the resentment and hatred of police today by many blacks.There was also a big influx of blacks to Chicago.The numbers of blacks migrating to Chicago was tremendous.

Many reasons Tuttle states are the cause for this.The major one is just blacks wanting to leave the south.They wanted to leave the segregated south in hope of a better future.They were tired of the Jim Crow laws, lynching, poor school, and constant harassment.

A black said, “Anywhere north will do us”(Tuttle, 79).Another reason was jobs.In the time of war, the big manufactories trying to keep up with the needs of the military were in dire needs of people to work.There were actual labor recruiters whose job was to go out and recruit blacks to work in the factories.Moreover, when the opportunity to work opened up blacks took them in full demand.

It was a way out of the south.Massive train system that developed to move the goods also moved blacks from the south to Chicago.In addition, the probably main factor was the success stories that you heard coming form various sources.The main being the defender newspaper.“It was the Defender’s emphatic denunciation of the Southern treatment of blacks and its emphasis on pride in the race that increased its circulation tenfold between 1916 and 1918"(Tuttle, 90).In addition, you heard stories or got letters from relatives that told of the money, freedoms, and opportunities that the north especially Chicago had.

These ideas produce one of the migrations that this country has ever seen.I am not for sure but I heard now it is the exact opposite their is a great migration back south for blacks. As stated before this great influx of black workers was also coinciding.

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