Question To A Famous Person essay

If was to meet a famous person and get the privilege of asking them one question, it would depend on many different factors. These factors would influence the kind of question I would ask as they would determine the kind of information I would extract from the famous personality. Factors such as the famous individual’s occupation, the place of meeting the quasi entrance to the famous personality, would influence the kind of question I would ask. ‘Hanta did you do and how did you do it to get to where you are?This would probably be the question I ask the famous personality. This question is not only precise but believe it to be the most important question that can be raised at any point in time, regardless of the place of meeting or the kind of occupation that he/she has.

When one is asked this question, they would give information reflecting on their past, their present and the future. They would most probably tell Of the position (social and financial) that they were in before fame.They would probably highlight the problems and hardships (if any) that they went through at the very beginning. They would tell of the reasons that they got into what they are doing at the moment, be it as a result of financial hardship, or to simply achieve self-satisfaction by undertaking a hobby. They would most probably tell of the different strategies they applied to maneuver their field of expertise and the kind of challenges and obstacles they had to go through.This would lead them to highlight the risks involved in whatever it is they do and methods of counteracting these risks.

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They would most probably narrate the benefits and perks of being who they are and where they are in their field.

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