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Question #2 Slavery in the Chesapeake Colonies and the Northern ColoniesIn the eighteenth century, there were different lifestyles in the different regions that existed at that time. However, at the same time, the regions had similarities in common but not many. In the regions there was slavery, and it was during the 18th century. As the lifestyle was different in the regions, also the slavery in those regions was different, but it had some similarities.

The slavery that existed during the 18th century, influenced how slavery went fourth for the next century and a half. In this essay I am going to compare and contrast the institution of slavery in two different colonial societies, which are, the Chesapeake Colonies and the Northern Colonies."The Chesapeake, where the tabasco-producing colonies of Virginia and Maryland developed a constant demand for cheap labor” (Foner 53). In the Chesapeake colonies the first years of slavery were careless. At the beginning there were not many black people as slaves.

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There were only a few slaves in the labor force. The first slaves that existed in the Chesapeake were not really slaves, they were servants. Before the 1600’s there was a very thin line between the freedom of whites and the slavery of blacks because black people who had Christian names were treated well. However, the relationship between the whites and the black people began to change soon. The black community grew and the slavery grew as well. Now the black people were who did the hard work for free. As British planters became more and more successful and owned more land in an effort of their own interest some of the between Africans introduced the “Chattel Slavery” which literally drew a line in the racial divide The Chesapeake.

So the real slavery in the Chesapeake colonies started in 1619. Between 1700 and 1770, the region’s slave population grew from 13,000 to 250,000. By the beginning of the Revolutionary War in 1775, blacks made up nearly one-third of the region’s population. Finally the Chesapeake region was the first colony to have the “Slave Codes” which this passed to the other colonies. The slaves of this region lived in log cabins; they did not have a house, and they work in the fields of Tabasco in large groups.Slavery in the North existed as well as in the South.

However, Slavery in the Northern Colony was less cruel and less oppressive than slavery in other colonies. In addition in the North there were a few slaves there were not as much as in the South. For example, the slaves used to live in a house with their families. Also, they work on a small farms, and they work with their families.

Slaves in the North colonies were allowed to be Artisans, Domestic Servants, Shopkeepers, Messengers, and General Laborers. The Northern slaves had a huge advantage over slaves in other regions because they could own, transfer, and inherit land.To conclude, what these two colonies had in common in slavery was that both had slaves; the two colonies had people as servants. As it can be seen, the Chesapeake colony and the Northern colony has more differences than similarities. The similarity is that no matter what region is, in both the slaves were inferior than white people, and even the other mixed races were inferior to whites.

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