Quality Assurance Review essay

It is also our policy to be open and willing to receive feedback from our clients and our co-workers at all time. Helping the worker to understand the importance of feedback will help the worker and client to grow. Client satisfaction with service Are you satisfied/content with the professional services that our staff provide? The client can express any concerns about the services provided by the agency there through verbal or written communicate.

It would allow the agency to do an overview, regarding customer feedback, and make changes o improve how the agency service clients to implement for satisfaction to all clients.Does the worker take your feelings into consideration when suggesting different interventions? The purpose of this question is to find if there are communications between the client and worker. Also, if the worker is compassionate towards the client feelings and does they understand each other. Do you feel that you are adequately getting feedback to the client? Please make you are giving and adequate feedback to the client so they know what to do. Always make sure they want to come back for help and that it isn’t die with allowing the client to discuss their feelings.

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Allowing the client to get feedback makes them know you care about their progress. Proper documentation What plan do you have for certification as proof, implementing service for the clients? It’s necessary to provide adequate documentation about clients, to show service has been administrated. Keep information on file in the case for any circumstances that may come up, and can be used as a reference that service was given. It is mandatory for all employees concerning documentation. Are you keeping proper records of each visit with the client?The worker must have records of the meetings, feedback from the client, and the type Of interventions the client has taken part in and those that Were suggested to the client. Are you aware that documentation is important for adds Tate feedback? Proper documentation is good to have it allows the client to see what is going on with their progress. It also allows the client to know that you care about their progress.

It is important to have documentation on the client so that they may be aware of their progress and to see that they are getting better.Documentation can help show proof that we are providing arrives to clients. Describe how the information gathered from your questions can help to monitor and prevent future fraud and misappropriation of services. The information gather with the questions asked will help to make sure that all policies are being followed and that all records contain the proper documentation. It will allow me to see if the client’s feelings and behaviors are taking into consideration during their visits. It is important that all staff members clearly understand the policies and expectations of this community-based mental agency.

A higher degree of monitoring on a daily basis will help to eliminate employees from being late. Also, it’s important that clients are satisfied with the staff seen,’ice we provide, and lateness can have an impact on the client behavior. Part 2 scenario Identify how security was breached in this scenario and explain the impact on confidentiality and services. In this scenario, security was breached because the teacher revealed confidential information that the client had disclosed to her. The information that the client shared should not have been exposed, without the consent of the client.Since the teacher revealed this information to someone else, it breaks the trust between the client and the worker. Once the code of confidentially is broken, the client can refuse services, and it could have an effect on the way the client interact with other people.

How would you repair the relationship with the client and preventing it from happening again? In this circumstance, I would first apologize to the client for the breach of trust and for releasing confidential information. Next I ensure the client that the staff worker is being dealt with a timely and professional way for veiling confidential information.As the director of the community-based mental agency, I will make sure that all workers attend mandatory training session about the importance of building relationship trust with clients, and information shared should remain confidentially. In the future, proper assignments will be assigned to a certain worker so it will not happen again. Finally, would let the client know that our priority is protecting the privacy of our clients and we will continue to provide assist to clients in finding solutions to their problems.

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