Essay my skills at work is the

Essay title: Qualities of Success

By identifying our personal strengths and weaknesses we can become successful in our professional life, as well as our personal. Personal strengths need to be reinforced in order to keep them affecting us in positive way. Weaknesses should be overcome in order to get us closer to our goal, and avoid slowing others down when you are part of a team.

As we go through life, it is essential that we learn who we are. As part of my Navy training I was always forced to repeat “Great leaders . .

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. One of my skills at work is the ability to follow directions without being reminded to repeat that same task. In my work environment, I constantly reinforce my strengths in the skills that I have acquired. Work ethic is one of my personal strengths that I am aware of. While at work, I am a team player and I do my best at completing the job correctly every time.

I strongly believe in what goes around, comes around. Another strength I have is in my ability to learn new tasks quickly. know their personal strengths, and look for people who will offset their weaknesses”. My ambition to succeed will have more of an effect than a person who does not have the desire. I must say, and without boast, that I am extremely dedicated person and I display it at work. In conclusion, this has been the hardest paper I have ever had to write. It was very hard to sit down and try to think of my strengt AbstractThe goal of this paper is to identify the strengths and weaknesses that I possess and how they relate to my home life, work environment, and learning team at school.I also will layout a plan of action to address the correction of my weaknesses.Becoming aware of some of my weaknesses will be the first step to lead to self improvement.My ability to multitask is probably one of my best qualities as a worker.Being a member of a support team,.

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