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This document consists of 11 printed pages and 1 blank page. 1814 06 7010 32/UP O USELESS 2014 [Turn over 2 In this question you are asked to read about: n existing manual, paper-based system for people to book a tour of a famous authors house, the Internet-based booking system proposed to replace it. You are given a description of both the existing system and the proposed new Internet-based booking system. Description of the existing system Timed tickets for tours of a famous author’s house are issued, for a maximum of 10 people at 15 minute intervals from 10:30 to 15:00.Tickets for tours must be booked at least 1 week and up to 3 months in advance. Tickets are booked over the telephone and posted to the person making the booking.

When a person wants to book a tour, they ring up the company to ask if the time and date is available. The telephone line is available Monday to Saturday from 10:00 to 15:00 hours. A diary is kept for the house showing the dates and times that have already been allocated and those still available.

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If there are spaces for the number Of people, the booking is agreed. If not, similar times and dates are offered as alternatives.When a telephone booking is made, the following details are always required: date of the tour time of the tour number of people, maximum 10 details Of the person making the booking o name o address telephone number. The diary for the House tours is updated and payment is taken using a credit/ debit card over the telephone.

The tickets are posted to the person who has made the booking. 701 0/32/M/J/14 3 Description of the proposed Internet-based booking system for tours of a famous authors house The proposal is to replace the existing system with an Internet-based booking system.This will include a touch screen terminal, installed in the car park, to allow bookings for house tours right up to the last minute. Tickets are still issued for 15 minute intervals. Each booking is for a specific day, time and number of people. Each ticket has a unique barded and is emailed to the person who has made the booking.

This ticket can be printed. The barded can be sent directly to a smartened as well. People can book online, via the Internet, using a computer or a smartened for between 1 day and 12 months in advance.The touch screen terminal in the car park is for bookings that day. People using this terminal are offered the next available tour time. When a booking is made at the touch screen terminal, only the following detail is required: number of people, maximum 10. Payment is taken using a credit/debit card or cash and the ticket is printed straight away. A systems analyst is to be employed to review the existing manual method.

The systems analyst will be responsible for drawing up an action plan for the new Internet-based booking system. This will then be designed, tested and implemented.All the necessary documentation will also be produced, together with a full evaluation of the system performance 6 months after its introduction. WV. Newspapers. Com 4 (a) The systems analyst has decided to use project management software to produce a Gaunt chart.

The Gaunt chart will be used to check the progress of this project. Give three reasons why the systems analyst decided to do this. Reason 1 Reason 2 Reason 3 (b) The systems analyst wants to find out about the existing tour booking system. (I) The systems analyst has decided to observe the staff taking telephone bookings.Explain why the systems analyst chose this method. (ii) The systems analyst has decided to send a questionnaire to people who have made telephone bookings. Explain why the systems analyst chose this method.

@ USELESS 2014 7010/32/M/J/14 vowј. Newspapers. Com 5 (c) Draw a screen design for entering the required details when booking a tour in advance using a computer.

(d) Extra information will be needed for the Internet-based booking system, in addition to that required by the existing telephone booking system. Why is this information needed?

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