QLASSIC for industry players to benchmark their quality

QLASSIC is a system and method to measure and evaluate the quality of workmanship of a construction work based on the approved standard. It will be assessed according to the requirement of the relevant standard, and mark of the percentage is awarded if the workmanship complies with the standard, (CIDB, 2011). This is useful in discovering potential and shortcomings defects in a building, which may not be appear during the defect liability period (DLP). Contractors are responsible for the DLP if there are any defects and they need to resolve the issues.

This system serves as a tool for industry players to benchmark their quality performance against industry standards. This implementation will encourage contractors to ‘Do Thing Right the First Time and Every Time’. QLASSIC will introduce the performance of the Developers and Contractors based on their workmanship after the completion of the projects. QLASSIC score drastically will enhance the Developer’s and Contractor’s good background and performance during the construction and completion of the construction project. Datuk Elias Ismail, senior general manager, Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB) Malaysia said “the scores also can be used as a marketing tool to convince potential buyers of their quality of work for future projects”.QLASSIC is not a compulsory requirement for the developers and contractors to bid for the projects as far as it just a minor application in the construction industry .

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However, Perbadanan Kemajuan Negeri Selangor (PKNS) will not compromise in tender if the contractor fails to get a percentage of 70% and above, said Datuk Abdul Ghani Hashim , Deputy General Manager (Technical) PKNS. Since 2011, PKNS has required the QLASSIC standard to be a guideline for medium and high-level housing projects. PKNS will use QLASSIC as a marketing tool.

For example, they claim to have QLASSIC endorsement convince buyers that their quality was assured.For this 72 Unit at Bernam Jaya, PKNS has set a target QLASSIC score of 75% for the project . A good rating under QLASSIC involves construction work achieving a score of 75 and above (Berita Harian, 2017). If failed, contractor will be not get 3% from the cost of the project


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