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Q: What types of friendships do adults have? How do adult friendships develop?There are 8 types of friendships, in which they may derived many different ways. According to www.readunwritten.com, the eight types are: childhood friend, family friend, high school friend, college friend, long distance friend, extracurricular friend, friend of a friend, and work friend. “Finding a friend is almost like finding a soulmate” stated on website. As an adult, people typically only have a few friends, sometimes a big group of different personalities can cause issues (speaking from personal experiences, as well as observation).

The childhood friend is derived from your childhood that lasts all the way up to childhood. Develop while in pre-k/elementary school, or living in the same neighborhood. Family friend is when there is a mutual friend amongst your family, usually introduced as a cousin, aunt, grandma, etc.

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This type of friend can begin as a neighbor or a best friend of someone who becomes acquainted with all the family. High school friend happens often, when you go to the same school you hang out all the time, sit with one another, meet outside of school. A lot of these friendships don’t quite last, because people outgrow one another or simply lose touch after graduation. After high school, people go on different pathways and don’t have common ground as often.

College friends can derive from being roommates, have multiple classes together, being apart of the same organization, etc. “College friends are lifetime friends”, as college students you may encounter the same struggles, hardships, helping one another can bring you closer. College friends become your second family, staying up late, going out, and enjoying the presence of them. Long distance friend sometimes happens when two people have to move away, or even since the internet is so popular you are able for form a long-distance friendship with someone. Sometime it can be hard to maintain a long-distance friendship, but like any other relationship communication becomes a prominent source of strength to the relationship. Extracurricular friend is the friend you can go to/ hit up when you want to go out, travel, go to the movies, out to eat, etc. This friend may be known as the “fun friend”, this title is given when you can call on that person and they are always ready to go; and vice versa.

The friend of a friend is a friend by association. This friend tends to be cordial as he/she has been an addition to the group. The work friend makes the work day easier, pleasant. Amongst all the people at work there should always be at least one person you can befriend; this friendship may not extend outside the work place.

In conclusion, no matter what kind of friendship you have, friendship can be beneficial. Adult friendships are built around trust, differences, honesty, similarities, personal/life struggles, etc. This bond is good for having someone to talk to, someone to trust, someone to have, outside of family. In which they may one day become like family to you.References:https://www.readunwritten.com/2017/02/20/8-types-friendships-youll-throughout-life/http://puckermob.com/relationships/college-friendships-are-the-best-friendshipshttps://www.elitedaily.com/life/truths-about-your-long-distance-friendship/2078702https://aplus.com/a/what-adult-friendships-taught-me?no_monetization=true


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