purchased child struck by a car and

purchased The Casements just across the road. The elite clients didn’t stop there, over the years the Hotel Ormond would see Thomas Edison, The Prince of Whales, Annie Oakley. Will Rogers, ***Henry Ford, The Astor’s, John Philip Sousa, Al Capone and The Vanderbilt’s. After losing his newspaper employment in Miami, Ed Sullivan took on the job as golf secretary at the hotel ormond. ******* Other famous people included Edward Beale “Ned McLean publisher and owner of The Washington Post newspaper which he was born into and inherited. ***** Ned’s wife Evalyn Walsh McLean was a Washington socialite.

Ned purchased the “Hope Diamond” for her. With the precious diamond, “supposedly” carrying a curse the McLean family would have its share of heartache and misfortune. Mental illness, multiple divorces, a child struck by a car and killed, an overdose, and getting caught up in a high profile hoax.

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The situation was Mrs. McLean lost $100,000 in cash when she gave an ex-federal sleuth who was a friend of President Harding the money to secure the return of the Lindbergh baby. So he said. The entire thing was a hoax.** All these situations would be incidents involving members of the McLean family.

*****Gerald Thompson, “Edward F. Beale and the American West”, University of New Mexico Press, 1983, page 219. **The Palm Beach Post – May 11, 1932Ormond Beach Historical Society *** ORMOND BEACH OBSERVERTUESDAY, JAN. 1, 2013 By this time in Mr.

Flagler’s life there was monumental work accomplished as well as the equal amount to come. His railroad tracks were being installed as fast as they could be put in place, allowing his tracks to continue past Palm Beach. Mr.

Flagler would build the largest wooden hotel structure in the world, The Royal Poinciana, on the shores of Lake Worth. It opened in 1894 and had 1,100 rooms. Flagler would rival the Royal Poinciana with his Palm Beach Inn and renamed it the Hotel Breakers in 1901. Overlooking the Atlantic, the Breakers would be re-built in 1904 after it was destroyed by fire.

Mr. Flagler would move on with his personal life. His interest would intensify for a young woman who was a true Southern belle. She was someone he had actually met years earlier.

Her name was Miss Mary Lily Kenan. Her friends called her Lily. She was the daughter of distinguished Confederate veteran and North Carolina businessman William Rand Kenan, Sr., and the sister of chemical engineer and philanthropist William Rand Kenan, Jr.

Raised as a proper lady she was educated at Place College in Raleigh, North Carolina, she majored in piano and voice. This prominent North Carolina family was so influential it even had a town named after them, Kenansville in N.C.


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