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Me and My Learning Context In my non-paid work, which is volunteering for a large charity, I am finding hat things are progressing sufficiently. This is for a couple of reasons, including attending a number of events, for example, queue collections on behalf of the charity. I had originally intended to base my work-based learning around a number of clients that am trained to work for, however, recently was moved to the Sofas team, which is more competitive and results based.

This is a step up in a couple of senses as it means I have regular hours, where inbound work is scarce. However, in my paid work I am finding that I have reached a plateau, where I know I can perform and reduce the results, but doing so becomes more difficult as time progresses. This is a big issue, as targets are a part of my role, and I need to be hitting them. However, if have a bad day or a day where there is lots of rejection, I find it more difficult to apply myself properly to the situation or the client on the phone, and do not “convert” them.This then means that my results suffer, and it leads to a cycle of poor results and up and down days. I think the main area that I will be concentrating on will be S and C Management, and I will be using my current situations with both paid and non-paid work for reflection.

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The reason that am looking at both aspects of work is to fully optimism my personal reflection and learning process. Of course, as I and P is a large component of my paid work, I will also be looking to incorporate this topic into my work based learning.My role is heavily dependent on producing high conversion rates, which falls on me to convert the customer into donating to the charity (although, may I stress – this is not cold calling! ). And of course, the other topic that I will be studying as part of my work-based learning is Customer Care in the Public Sector. Much of both my work roles rely on customer care (either over the phone or on behalf of the charity work for), so this will be a key area for study.

I do not feel that this is my biggest weakness, although it is always important to make sure customer care is always provided in the right way. Learns Eng Objectives 1. Self and Career Management have a couple of objectives I would like to reach here – To learn not to put too much pressure on myself in the fear of performing badly, to maintain a level of motivation and performance, and finally, to identify HOW I will go about moving into my ideal profession (health or medical services).

Influence and Persuasion – My objectives for this topic are; to learn how to use influence and persuasion effectively without force, to learn to be assertive where appropriate and where needed, and to remain positive and able to use influence and persuasion after repeated rejection. 3. Customer Care in the Public Sector – My learning objectives for this topic would be; TO be able to respond better to individual customer needs, both over the phone for paid work and in person for non-paid, and to be able to provide the appropriate actions in response to those individual customer needs.

Learning Strategy and Resources After having discussions with a couple of different managers at work, as well as my mentor, who is another agent who has worked there for 1 1 years and also has a business degree, I think my main area for improvement is keeping an even temperament and level of motivation throughout the day, and from shift to shift. It is so easy for me to get annoyed at rudeness from customers, and that does affect how handle further calls and the customer service I provide.Of course, then I have the issue of stressing about poor results, and hen trying too hard, which is almost as bad as not caring. Know that there are plenty of resources on the O website for the areas I have chosen to study, and these are resources I plan to use during my work-based learning. Further to this, my mentor has also passed along a couple of websites that may come in useful, as well as some articles that may be able to help too.

One of the links I have been sent has proven to be an interesting find, and I found an appropriate quote which claims “Goals are dreams with deadlines” (Dotted Walters, cited in resource number two). I know that I will have to do more than a bit of reading on my chosen topics, but until I really begin with my work-based learning enquiries, believe this will be a strong place to Start and I can move upwards from there. As well as management in the workplace and my mentor, I hope that I would also be able to turn to my tutor for assistance if needed.Demonstrating my Learning believe there will be a couple of ways that can show my learning and reflection process. Of course, I can turn to my learning journal, and will produce a reflective report. Another way that I would like to reflect on my ark-based learning is to do my own form of analysis on either a fortnightly or monthly basis to see what has changed and what has not.

It may be that I could produce my own STOW analyses and comparing the differences for reflection.Being in the type of paid work that I am in, another tool that I will be able to use to measure learning and hopefully improvements are the reports that managers send out. These Will either show your performance on a weekly or monthly basis, so you can compare your results to other members of the team. An example is shown below, which was a day in July. As o will be able to see from the table, I did not have a bad day, and my conversion was 1 9%, which is more than double my daily target.

Below the daily results table, you will also see my monthly statistics for the whole of June, so as long as I get the follow up table for the July and August months, I should be able to identify an improvement, and linking to my learning journal, will hopefully be able to identify certain helps and hindrances to my own performance. Another way of possibly measuring how my work-based learning is progressing, and to show a time frame for the work am looking to o, it may be an idea to draw myself up a timeline in relation to specific work.

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