PUBLIC and regulation and policies.And they deal

PUBLIC RELATIONS IN HEALTH CARE SETTING This assignment is about public relations personal is growing at a rapid pace in industry today.

The types of clients that public relation people work for include the government hospitals,educational institutions non profit organizations,particular · industries,corporation,athletic teams,entertainment companies,and  even country.In this assignment discuss importance of public relation in promotion of a hospital.That include effectiveness of public relations in hospital,importance of public relations department in a hospital,major services of public relations in hospital,methods of improving public relation in hospital.DEFINITION OF PUBLIC RELATIONS IS “The management of communication between an organization and it’s publics.”(Grunig and Hunt 1984,P.4)Emphasis in original.Public relation is a pathway of organizations companies and individuals communicating with public and media.

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The aim of public relation is communicates target audience and maintain positive image and create best relationship with public.Basically it is very important maintain image of organization.PR  is a way of improve better relations,understanding people within and also out side organization.It is based on performance.Not on paper and panning.

tThere are not much attention paid to PR in hospital section.Demand is very high but resources are very few.In all hospitals full in crowded.The necessity creat impression hospital.

In good PR in hospital it is critically not based in hospital name but very important thing is early recovery of patient and creat good and quality care to the patient and their relations.In this case very important participation need from hospital staff.Public include internal and external environment of society.External environment include-patient,visitors,and it incluse rules and regulation and policies.And they deal with internal environment such as regulators internal companies.

There are many effectiveness of PR for a organization.1.SERVICE AND PRODUCTES-Publicity compaign give new product launch and it helps to promote whole bussiness.A conferences idea to discuss expansion of benefits.This can help improve impression of organization.2.INNOVATION-PR initiative helps small bussines’s and it can attract attention.Positive perception helps to improve good effective and good appearance.

It leads to ongoing successes.3.Charitable work-Charitable leads to community support ,it leads to upgrade the business.Cash donation programe for orphanages,school awareness programmes.It helps to develop image and trust.

4.ECONOMIC IMPACT-Companies earning is very important part for overall economic.5.

INTERNAL PERCEPTION-PR campaign give up staff staff morale and improve communication between public relations. It leads to make more supportive of companies effort and validities. There are many advantages in good public relations.So,it very important to improve good quality care,good customer care,customer satisfaction ,higher demands.Smooth functioning of PR leads to good quality care of patient/client.There are two types of hospital in Sri Lanka.There are mixed health care setting in Sri Lanka.They are government hospitals and also private hospitals.There components of successful PR in hospitals.1-COUNCELLING-It leads to improve giving advice to many about relationship and interactions.2-Financial relations-Build up and create investor confidence and best relationship with in financial group is investor relations.3-Industry Research can shaping attitudes behaviors of publics.Also research improve new knowledge.8-PUBLICITY-it can give planned messages through selected media through hospital.relations-Relate with other hospital in the industry leads to improve good quality care.4- Development raising-explain need about development and encourage public to help to hospital through financially.5-MEMBER RELATIONS-responsibility to their ideas and concern about their problems and informing and motivate members.6-PUBLIC AFFAIRS-public policies helps to know public expectation.public relations activities may corporate public affairs.7-RESEARCH-· With health care setting proving to be need more now than it has done.There ara many public relation agencies for to help to achieve their goals.People work in health care setting to handling internal and external community and manage health care among them.There are important factors in public relation in a hospital.1.COMMUNICATING- There are many audience in healthcare setting who need different masseges.They use varies tones, ways,languages,medias to give masseges to publics.2.BUILDING THE BRAND- in any industry they are various types and sizes.It same to health care.Broad size of industry important to make business stand.Network events also can help to build broad public relations.but,best way is using their professional skills to improve this.3.COMPANY ADVISOR-Rules and regulations in health care setting evolve and difficult to keep track of all the changes.Top of the PR professional would abel to give advices and needed recommendations.4.ENHANCE BUSINESS GROWTH-PR strategies will need to place work better and marketing plans leads to coverage leads best demand.It will require though ,can be time managing but, also worth the effort.Most important part in this role is handling communication in internal and external society.Other responsibility is newsletters and handling calls,materials.· In medical and hospital procedures have many physical techniques.the medical jobs in hospitals have given little thought to the deeper psychological demand in adults,also relatives the person who care or not with medical treatment.Community have impression about entire hospital management and initial contact with out door department.also emergency and accident is very important in public relation amoung hospital and external community.They can get treatment as much as quick they needed.It is very essential point in this public relation point.Hospital must be judged by standers quality team members it offers best way of get attention from public relations point of views.The society absolute give demand better demands about service.The public opinion is very needed thing.So they may be complaints,about behavior of the hospital staff,about their service,quality of hospital,hospital facilities,guidance service.


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