To according to the graph of age 16

To begin with, (Source D) shows us how the percentage of the e-books has increased compared to the print books in the last twelve months. For example, according to the graph of age 16 and over, 81% would use print books to reach with a child. When it comes to reading books in bed, 43% used print hooks and 45% used the e-books. Since then, using e-books have been more useful because it’s easier to get the book for traveling and you have a wide selection to choose from. Therefore, public libraries should be closed down in the future so they won't have to be wasting all that money on the internet/books where there is various ways to help yourself out (e-books).

Moreover, (Source E) shows us how the “internet had replaced the need to go to a library. For example, “now with e-books i’m guessing the main reason to go to a library in college campus is simply because it's a quiet place to study.” Things have changed, before the library had a lot of people checking out books and more, but with our internet, people can easily purchase them online or use e-books which is a faster way to get what you’re looking for.

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Additionally ,there’s a lot of other places you can go to if you just need it to hebqujet like starbucks or coffee bean; there's a variety of places that have internet since a lot or people need it to do homework. Therefore, there shouldn’t be libraries in the future because technology is just going to keep getting better and better while people are going to get lazy to go out to the libraries as often.Furthermore, (Source F).

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