Psychology perspectives and specialties essay

In the case of anger, one may study the facial expressions and body gestures that accompany anger or determine the external stimulus that trigger anger. Psychodrama perspective- This perspective considers behavior as springing from one’s childhood experiences or in terms of sexual drives and aggression. Cognitive perspective- Explores how people process, store and retrieve information. E. G. In the case of anger, one might be interested in how interpretation of a situation affects our behavior (anger) and how anger affects our thinking.

Behavior genetics perspectives- Study how genes and environment contribute to individual differences.E. G.

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In anger, one might be interested in how heredity and experiences influence our individual differences in expressing anger. Social-cultural perspective- Examines the importance of each person’s social and cultural environment in shaping his or her thoughts, emotions and behavior. E. G. Anger, one may study which situations produces most anger and how anger is expressed across cultural context. The psychology perspectives complement one another. Each perspective has its questions and limits.

Therefore we can view any psychological event/ phenomenon from several perspectives. Psychology specialtiesPsychology is a growing discipline, and today there are over 50 subfields/ specialties of psychology. Some are discussed below: Specialty Type of research Typical activities Physiology Does research on the brain, nervous system, and other physical origins of behavior. Clinical Involved in psychotherapy; investigates clinical problems, develops methods of treatment and executes them Cognitive Studies human thinking and information processing abilities Community Promotes community well being through research, prevention, education, and consultation Comparative Studies and compares the behavior of different species especially animalsConsumer Researches packaging, advertising, marketing methods and characteristics of consumers Counseling Does psychotherapy and personal counseling, researches emotional disturbances and counseling methods Cultural Studies the Ways in which culture, subcultures and ethnic group membership affect behavior Developmental Conducts research on infants, child, adolescent, and adult development; does clinical work with disturbed children; psychologists acts as consultants to parents and schools.Educational Investigates classroom dynamics, teaching styles, and the learning process; evolves educational test, evaluations and educational programs Engineering Does applied research on design of machinery like computers, aircrafts, and vehicles etc for business, industry and government use.

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