Psychology has yet to be clearly answered.

Psychology is recognized to be a hugely successful field. It is the largest social science in virtually any country in the world, as demonstrated by such indicators as the number of professionals, students, dollars invested, and publications, and its impact on society. Given this success, it is surprising that the simple question “What is psychology?” has yet to be clearly answered. Attempts to resolve this question have a long and frustrating history and have proceeded from a variety of starting points, each leading to its own particular search path. For example, the position that psychology is a word leads to searching for its definition through its etymological history. If psychology is taken to be the study of the psychological, then the nature of its subject matter becomes the key focus of the inquiry. Likewise, the assertion that psychology is what psychologists do leads to an examination of its practices and methods. Whereas the position that psychology is a discipline directs the search to examine its institutionalization. For a definition that has proven as elusive as psychology’s, all these paths are worthy pursuits, each offering valuable insights toward that needed clarification. Psychology definition of Psychology definition of CLASSIC ANALYTIC THEMES AND ISSUES;Psychology: Definition METHODOLOGY;Psychology: Definition ORIGIN AND DEFINITION OF PSYCHOLOGY;Psychology: Definition

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