Psychology and Racism in the Media essay

Many media outlets tend to broadcast information in a biased manner. Media outlets tend to release information depending on their political vieџ. The media plays a major role in society by displaying our values, norms and by giving us vivid images of who goes against the norms. Overall, it perpetuates the way we see the world and the people in it. News anchors, talk show hosts are usually well-kept, well-spoken and attractive individuals. They set a standard of how we should act and define a particular social order. They capture our interests and tells us how society views different people by race, community or background.

They also send a notion that we are equal and they are liberal but how true is this? Other sitcoms or TV series are usually one race with very little interracial groups. In the ass’s and early nineties if blacks played a role in a TV show or movie they were portrayed as the idiot, for example Richard Prior in the 1982 film The Toy where he literally was hired by a white family to be a toy for their young son. The movie made the black man to be a jokingly, cocoon-like character in a predominately white movie but we are supposed to be equal? The media psychologically primes viewers with their own racist beliefs.

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Can you think of a sitcom where the parents are interracial with a bi-racial family? If they are they are not popular because although we are supposed to be equal the media doesn’t classify interracial coupling a norm. So What is Racism? Racism is emotions and beliefs that people of one race has about other races. Racism makes the many differences between races determine individual achievement as well as cultural achievement. Racism usually involves the idea that one’s own race is superior and has the right to rule others, for example slavery.

Whites thought that they were smarter than Africans thus enslaving hem and making them the inferior race. Racism is currently the largest issue our nation is facing today. Biologically, there are no ‘races’, we are all made up of the same organs and the same red blood. The only difference is the amount of melanin in a persons’ skin otherwise we are the same human – race. The social construction of race as a category is active today. This system classifies racial groups and reclaimed people by skin color, biological attributes and physical features.

Racism has multiple definitions, the main idea is that there is discrimination of a group of people due to their race, color, and religion. In addition, racism is a hate, dislike, or disapproval for all races apart from one that is considered to be the master race. Racism stemmed from the past, slavery and history’ and is very active today. Racism in the past and present is purely violent. There has been a recent optic in the number of racial related crimes and murders. Racism is not just black against white but it is multicultural. In the present day, many races have mixed and are not exactly segregated.

In the present day, races have mixed and are not exactly segregated. People are watchful about what they say at times and how they approach sensitive subjects. Because we have been primed to be racist, some jokes are offensive. Racism is still present not just in the media but the workplace, at schools, community and nation. Many thought that by the 21st Century, racism would be completely diminished but groups such as the ASK and The Aryan Brotherhood has shown this not to be the case. In the British society, racism is kept quiet but it still exists.

Racism can also be observed in society today, with red lining micro-aggressions and media releases. What is the Media and their Role in Racism today in America? The media has a big effect on the way races are viewed by society. The media is made up of elevation, newspapers, magazines, film, internet and radio. Racism currently out of control in the United States. This racism is fueled not only by the people but also but mainly by the media. The media in the United States has a very racist point Of view. Every news story does not get an equal amount coverage by the media.

Most of our information and entertainment comes from television broadcast and how else does America prime our thinking – with visuals. The television is the most popular outlet of information spread of racism. These are the easiest and mainstream method of the method the media uses to leak racism to America. Most television shows are aimed at the white middle class Americans and the ones that are black based are the ones that display the worst behavior of blacks. For example shows such as “Sniffed” are aimed toward the audience white middle class whereas “Love and Hip Hop” show how blacks use fame to act a fool.

Most shows on W have very little interracial and combined ethnic groups because there is usually actors Of the same race on a particular show or movie. Most of the time there are white people or they may have one token black person. The media has now consideration for the black people and when they do have black people on these shows they usually portray them as idiots or they allow them to behave in a manner that is ridiculous and embarrassing to their race. It is almost a set up for failure. Television shows are an epic fail and sometimes a misrepresentation of society.

The fail to show diversity and put an image on society that doesn’t highlight the strengths of blacks. These barriers beјen races set up problems when it comes to particular real-life events. On February 26, 201 2, racism was awaken in America when 17 year old Tyranny Martin was killed by George Zimmerman, a neighborhood watch volunteer (HTTPS://en. Wisped. Rig/wick/Tyranny_Martin). This death јcoke a sleeping giant” in mainstream America. George Zimmerman stereotyped young Tyranny as a black gangster who was in the wrong neighborhood/ white neighborhood and because he was walking, he looked suspicious.

The media released so many images to make it appear to be a black hate crime by a white man. It was currently unclear of what Zimmermann’ race was but it the media declared him white. Zimmerman was found not guilty and served no time in jail. On August 9, 2014, Michael Brown, a black teen was gunned down by a white cop in Ferguson, Missouri. Brown was walking in the middle f the street unarmed with his hands surrendering when he was shot and killed by Officer Wilson. Brown and Wilson were said to have had a small altercation which escalated to Brown’s murder. The media released pictured of Brown lying dead in the street for hours.

There was very vague information given on the incident but Officer Wilson was acquitted on murder charges and walked away. In a yahoo finance article, it states “Despite the civil unrest that occurred in Ferguson after his acquittal, Wilson still contends what happened was “not a race issue. “( http://finance. Yahoo. Com/news/ex-cop- shot-Michael- brown-162328942. HTML;Jilt-Allover. iEcFVVHAAmugnnllQJIu-Excitement ZIN21nBGNVbG8DymYXBHBVCWMXBHzoaWQDQjA3MDBfMQRZZWMDC2M-). The media clearly made this to be another black-white race issue. He continues in the same article stating: “Everyone is so quick to jump on race. It’s not a race issue.

There are people who feel that police have too much power, and they don’t like it. There are people who feel police don’t have enough power, and they don’t like it. ” Currently in the media, the police officers are doing the killing and getting away with it. In Baltimore another young black man was killed in police custody and the media released what hey wanted us to know and there was very little supporting evidence of why the man was killed. The most recent questioned white cop killing against a black person was in Walker County, Texas where Sandra Bland, a black woman, was found dead in her cell after a traffic stop with a white cop.

Bland was found hanging from her cell days after being arrested and jailed for failure to use the proper turning signal. It was also released that Bland had too much marijuana in her system to have been in jail only three days. It was said that Bland committed suicide while others argue that it was a homicide. Bland was also said to be dead in her mugs hot, that arguably was taken while she was lying down and already killed. In another perspective, this year a young white man walked into a historical church in South Carolina and killed about twelve individuals with a shot gun.

This crime was the epitome of where racism lives in America and especially in the south. Unlike every other black white crime this incident was not repeatedly revisited by reporters. This criminal case was pushed back into October, a time when America gets overwhelmed with distractions and holidays. The attention on whites as offenders is often biased in mainstream America. If you turned on the Districts’ local news station you would see many homicides, robberies and Other violent acts whose suspects by young African-Americans or in heavily African American populated neighborhoods.

Our local news is almost predicted but a lot is also overlooked. The media tends to put more attention into what they wish to create a norm or what they deem important. Bill Cowboys is currently black target in today’s media. He has been said to have taken advantage of women sexually while drugging them. None of his cases are current but his story is being repeated over and over into different media outlets. The media wants to stress that the black man that we viewed as a loving father TV figure was really a molester and drug abuser. He has awards and statues removed and his shows taken off of TV and upcoming appearances cancelled.

Their goal is to make sure they demean his character. Racial stereotypes are also in magazines. When you go to the grocery store there are more fair-skinned models on the covers of major magazines. Certain magazines are purposely aimed towards certain people. Magazines like Glamour, Marie Claire and Cosmopolitan cater to the middle class 20- 35 year old Western/Caucasian females. There are very few minority models in these magazines. Most of the models mimic the Barbie Doll with blonde hair and blues eyes; basically the American idea of beauty.

Minority models only make up less than ten percent of all the models who appear in Cosmopolitan magazine which again produces the problem Of not showing the country’s diversity and many nationalities. These magazines giver the idea that society is completely similar with very little diversity and this is not true. In the sports world, more male athletes are booked for endorsements than the darker female. Serene Williams has been surpassing ere white counter parts but still being paid less. This month, Serene won her 21 SST Grand Slam title, beating Maria Sharecrop for the 1 7th time in a row.

We ask yourself why is she being targeted or body shammed when she is stronger, faster and more talented than many others in her athletic category. It is said that endorsements don’t always choose the best or most athletic athlete but they choose what they believe as the best looking or beautiful. This is k but not when the Western idea of beauty is thin, white or fair- skinned with long blonde hair. The Williams sisters have been body shammed s a racist act because they are too muscular and too dark for the traditional Western taste.

What the media doesn’t realize is that they are targeting America’s youngest views children. In order for us to change, we must be careful of what is displayed in our society. Racism has to be put to a close and right now the media seems to play a large role and a role that can be used positively to change America. We do not want to continue to pour out racial news and biased information. We want to end racism and use the media as an outlet to put it to rest. There needs to be more diversity in news rooms, elevation stations and other major media outlets.

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