Psycho-therapeutic interventions for addressing concerns and requirements related to infertility related distress has been studied and have been found to be the need of the hour. There has been an increasing understanding about the needs and requirements for specific terms and skill sets for infertility specific distress and psycho-education for infertility and childlessness. Psycho-social interventions need to be addressed from both a medical and psychological aspect rather than taking an individualistic route. A medical approach assumes that only when the individual or the couple suffers severe distress should they be referred for psychological attention. But it has been seen from a psychological perspective that it is more beneficial and helpful if counseling is provided, research evidence suggests that men and women experiencing infertility and involuntary childless have a favorable attitude towards psycho-social interventions.

Infertility needs to be approached as a couples issue than as for an individual’s alone. Counseling is highly recommended for both partners together, there are gender based differences between men and women and women are more likely to see a counselor. For the couple, it is helpful to explain that infertility is a couple’s issue and therefore it is highly recommended that both the partners attend atleast the initial counselling together and provide information about the psycho-social aspects of infertility.

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