Psycho of the best motivating novels I have

Psycho cybernetics 2000 Psycho cybernetics is one of the best motivating novels I have read to this day.It is somewhat repetitive, but the author really does get his point across.There are many examples that show the different areas of self confidence and believing in yourself.

There are examples that show how others opinions about you can affect your opinion about yourself, both in the positive and negative aspect.If someone has been belittling your knowledge and potential since you were growing up, it is almost impossible not to rub off on you in some way somewhere in your life. I liked how the book progressed from chapter to chapter.

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My favorite part of the book was the goal setting and goal achieving chapters.I have seen many books with ways to set difficult, but achievable goals.I have never read a book that will actually help you in “Goal-Getting” until I was assigned this one.

The six-step process that will help maximize your progress of your goals really helped me out.I felt like this was the most important part of the book to me because I could relate every step to what I do on the football field to try to better myself.Step 1 is to focus on your action plan daily.If I take a few plays off here and there, I won’t be reaching my maximum potential, and I won’t be getting better as much as I should.Step 2 is to set up a self-monitoring system.

For this step, I always ask myself after practice if I gave it everything I had.I know if I did or not.If I didn’t give it my all every play I know that I feel guilty.Step 3 is to make a contract with friends and co-workers.Although I have never actually signed a sheet of paper with another person or specifically set up an oral contract and shook on it, I have been committed to my teammates that not just me but we all will give it our all. This is one of the biggest motivators in helping you achieve your goals.If you share a commitment with another person, you don’t want to let that person down.There have been many days during the season where I was tired and really didn’t want to go to practice, but I knew I couldn’t let my teammates down.This step makes it that much easier in staying disciplined and getting your work in.Step 4 is to use progressive self-discipline to stay on target.

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