Proverbs is a book about

Proverbs is a book about wisdom. It focuses on certain family issue that people have to face and gives advice on what to do.Proverbs also focuses on community and threat.

My favorite part of Proverbs would have to be chapter thirty-one. It is talking about the wife being of noble character. When I read this chapter I got an idea on how a wife should be, but when we went over it in class and broke down every verse I really understood how a wife should be like. They are very rare to come by. A wife has to have many qualities, but if they are to serve her husband and kids better then every wife should want these qualities to make the house hold better. I hope that one day I would be the wife with noble character.

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Another topic that I enjoyed learning more about in Proverbs is laziness. I never knew how many times Proverbs talks about laziness until my group had the subject to present and realize how sinful laziness is. A verse that I liked that talked about this subject was chapter 12:13.

It says “The lazy man does not roast his game, but the diligent man prizes his possessions.” This is saying even though the lazy man had food to eat he was to lazy to even cook it, but the man that worked hard for what he has prizes his possessions. I respect those certain people that work hard everyday and deserve the things they have, but people that have not lifted their hand for anyone and have everything handed to them, I feel sorry for what they are becoming. It also talks about how sooner or later a person that is lazy it will bring poorness to them, but a man that.

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