Protest back since the eighteen-hundreds. Over time

        Protest in the NationalFootball LeagueGabriellaValdez-PerezNovember 26,2017State College ofFlorida: Bradenton Campus         Author NoteThis paper was prepared for Written Communications I (ENC1101), taught by Professor Bojanowski.Protest in theNational Football LeagueFootball has been played all theway back since the eighteen-hundreds. Over time it has also been used as agrounding for social justice protests. Not only has there been protesting withfootball but also with basketball, boxing, baseball, etc. There’s always been along tradition with sports tying in with race issues, especially the majoritybeing African Americans. Jesse Owens, a runner that was African American that playedin the Olympics ,was an outstanding runner however he was discriminated bywhite supremacist. Over the past year there have been protests in the sportFoot Ball.

The viewers of the sport have begun to decline because of thegrowing number of National Football League (NFL) athletes taking a knee duringthe Star Spangle Banner, also known as the USA National Anthem. The protestersstated that They’re simply just kneeling as a protest for social injusticesinvolving African Americans, the opposing side postulates that it is an act ofdisrespect toward the American flag. The two online new sources will becomparing the reasoning behind the protest and what is being done to end theprotest.TheWashington Post is an American daily newspaper that is located in thenation’s capital that talks about daily politics. The newspaper coverseverything from sports to local news out of Washington DC plus more. ESPN is a program that is dedicated to coveringeverything about sports.

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They cover every sport from high school athlete sportsto professional sports such as baseball, basketball, soccer, football etc. Oneof the two articles will help in determining which side has the most justicefor Americans based on facts.                    Social issuesare a real problem, I believe there are ways to fix the problems and that this   one canbe solved. There are some supporting evidence on why the people believe NFL playersshould stand during the Anthem. According a NFL book that states policies it says that  “During the National Anthem, playerson the field and bench area should stand at attention, face the flag, holdhelmets in their left hand, and refrain from talking. The home team shouldensure that the American flag is in good condition. It should be pointed out toplayers and coaches that we continue to be judged by the public in this area ofrespect for the flag and our country. Failure to be on the field by the startof the National Anthem may result in discipline, such as fines, suspensions,and/or the forfeiture of draft choice(s) for violations of the above, includingfirst offenses.

“(Lewis, N, 2017) WP. On the protesters side, theybelieve that they have the right to stand, sit, or do whatever they wantbecause it is America and it’s a democratic country and every American isallowed to practice their first amendment right. The first amendment says thatgovernment has no right to prohibit assembly or petitions. However, a counter argumentfor that is that the NFL is private organization, not one under the governmentso that the players must stand and abide to the rule and that since it isprivate organization the first amendment doesn’t apply. Players replied that thefirst amendment applies to everyone as a whole in the country not just fromprivate organizations. Players previously waited in locker rooms during theAnthem, but in 2009 players were made to stand outside during the Anthem. Itwas not until recently, has there been a controversial issue with the anthemand players standing.

Trump, the president of the United States has said that itis a sign of disrespect and that since it’s in the NFL rule book that it shouldbe active. Both side contains a lot of emotions. Facts have shown that AfricanAmericans have been mistreated throughout all American history.

Trump has said derogatorycomments about African Americans, referring them to as “poor, hungry, andlazy” and said that the U.S doesn’t need them running around in the ghettoscomplaining. In history, blacks were always slaves and segregated. Imagine howyou would feel if you were constantly hated and bashed on for being AfricanAmerican, would you feel the right to protest? On the other side, Peoplesfamilies go to war and die.

There is a lot of emotion because they view thenational anthem song and standing to the flag as respect. How would you feel ifyour brother’s ceremony wasn’t being fully respected?              According tothe Washington Post, Some NFL owners believe that there might be a change inpolicy and that they might change the Leagues national policy if all else failsand if The players keep choosing to kneel. The last past season was basicallycircled around these players protesting and everyone beginning to feeloutrageous about the fact that these players are basically knelling duringsomething that millions and millions of people died for and the viewers of thisgame felt like they were disrespecting all of these brave men and women thatlaid their lives down just so we could have the freedom to play the game offootball each and every week.

But the owners do have mixed emotions about theprotest, some of the NFL owners understand and said they respect the footballplayers protest.              The Washington Post and ESPN both give validarguments, while The Washington post argues that football players are notshowing respect and they’re obligated to follow their contracts. The Washingtonpost also says they should fire the football players and basically all thefootball players practicing their first amendment should be ashamed. While, theopposing team of football players and ESPN state that practicing the first amendmentis not a crime and punishing the football players is a crime.

Taking away theirfirst amendment right is like what happened in history. Africans had no say,they could not vote until 1965. Rosa Parks refused to get up from her seat andmade a difference, it’s facts. Allowing Africans to practice their first amendmentand make a difference is what America promised when making this a law.

This isa fact; the constitution was made in 1787 and the first amendment says in summarizedfine print that the government has no right to stop an American from protestingto make America great again.    ReferencesLewis, N. (2017 October 5) NFL The NFL and the First Amendment: A Guide to the Debate.TheWashington Post. Retrieved From https://www.washingtonpost.

com/news/fact-checker/wp/2017/10/05/the-nfl-and-the-first-amendment-a-guide-to-the-debate/?utm_term=.1ba3828d1678 Wickersham, S.(2017October 27) Gaffes, TV Ratings Concerns Dominated as NFL, Players Forged AnthemPeace. ESPN, ESPN InternetVentures. Retrieved From


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