Promotion a low cost per person. Then,

Promotion plays an important role in boosting up a product image and creating demand for it in the market. There are four stages that consumers need to go through to accept a promotional message such as attention, interest, desire and action Therefore, advertising is the main promotional tool while public relation and sales promotion is used to reinforce buying decision. Advertising is a paid non-personal communication that uses to convey or advertise a product or message to target audience through mass media, including television, magazines, social site and others. It is useful to create awareness and able to reach large target audience at a low cost per person.

Then, repetition of television advertising can enhance and remind the target audiences about the new product. Opinion leader such as celebrity will be invite to appear in the TV advertisement to add on the product’s value. In addition, print advertisement will publish in health magazines that have the potential that have long life good pass-along readership. Current advertising slogans states that Dutch Lady is “trust, healthy and happiness”. Customers will have strong brand positioning, they remember slogan easily in mind. Next, sales promotion being used by Dutch Lady to promote their products which it represents a set of different promotional activities that has the goal of customers for purchasing. The most common form of sales promotion is the product sold at promotion prices.

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Dutch Lady has designed it in a way to encourage the company’s sales. They can attract more customers since they get more benefits from the product they purchased. Therefore, it can reach target audience easily. On the other hand, statistic shown that social site such as Facebook has about 665 million of daily users.

Therefore, web-banners ads and pop-up ads will used to advertise the new product on social sites. Public relation (PR) not only has the greatest impact in building awareness, it also help in introducing new product and supporting sales effort. Therefore, publicity based PR tools such as press conference and the concept of word-of-mouth communication will use to sell the new product. Word-of-mouth communication is an informal exchange of communication that customers share with one another about a products or brands. To generate publicity, opinion leaders such as celebrity who emphasis on health diet will be given products to try in the hope that they can help in creating awareness and encourage people to try it.

Sales promotion is a short-run tool that able to stimulate purchase intent and increase demand immediately. Therefore to increase the sales, 20% discount coupon for purchasing Dutch Lady Milk will be awarded to those who purchase Dutch Lady Oat Milk half dozen 250ml or a 1L packaging during the first 2 weeks of marketing the new product. Besides, give sampling and free trials to customers let them have the opportunity to experience products which in small quantities for a short duration and without to purchase the product. Dutch Lady will distribute sampling in a suitable placement such as hypermarket to give chances customer has a try on the product.

It can encourage people to try and understand the advantages of product without any purchasing made.


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