PROMOTION marketing mix that defines the tactics

PROMOTION MIXPromotion mix is an element of marketing mix that defines the tactics that a business uses to communicate to the customers or its target market. Gulabi dhaaba uses the following tactics in its promotional mix that are arranged according to significance in the business. Advertising Sales promotion Public relation (publicity) Personal sellingAdvertising As advertisement is the most notable among promotion mix tactics. The Gulabi dhaaba uses television, radio, print media, banners, billboards and online media for its advertisement because the Gulabi dhaaba is a women oriented restaurant it uses that platforms for advertisement on which women of every age are involved and they use most of the time like housewives use to watch television at home or they listening radio during doing household work.

On the other hand working women uses facebook and other social media channels so Gulabi dhaaba also use to advertise at facebook by creating page on it. Also online media use by Gulabi dhaaba to communicate throughout as it encourages women of every age like it may be old ages women, young women, single, or married women and so on. Gulabi also use banners, billboards everywhere to in order to spread information to its customers as it is a new restaurant that is only for women.Sales promotions:Gulabi dhaaba uses sales promotions to draw more customers to the restaurant like Gulabi dhaaba offers discount coupons and freebies for certain products and product bundles, as a way of attracting customers for instance Gulabi dhaba by uses freebies it offers free tea after meal or ice cream.It also offers discounts for women having children and friends group Gulabi dhaaba also provide a play area within restaurant to facilitate mothers in order to feel free and relax from their kids noise and look after for a while. Gulabi dhaaba also provide discounts for group of women coming together in a group and they can avail some discounts on certain expensive dishes, it also select a day in a week for flat 50 percent off discount to its customers on some products or dishes with these all it also provide a pleasant layout for fun and enjoyment of customers.Public relations:Gulabi dhaaba use to do activities to promote a positive image, generate publicity and foster good will with the intent of increasing sales and brand strengthening Gulabi dhaaba involved in activities and arranging seminars that encourages the women or to feel them as dominant as males are.

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It also do activities such as women support program while boosting the value of brand and restaurant.Personal selling:As Gulabi dhaaba is a women oriented restaurant it uses calling to its target market or aware them by sending messages in personal selling. As Gulabi dhaaba is not only to sale its food items anyhow for instance going to customer’s doors and sale the items but it also tend to give its customers a happy mood from an antisocial behaviors and depressed routine.


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