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A lot of people today get criticized for loving people of another race, mostly if that race is considered a ‘lesser’ or less worthy race. But very seldom does a person actually get physically punished for loving those of another race. In “Prometheus Bound,” Prometheus got punished because he was a Titan who loved and cared for a ‘lesser’ race than his own, the origin of men. Nowadays, this might be the comparable of a king or president of a certain country loving all of his or her citizens equally and getting brutally punished for it, just because the citizens are considered ‘lesser beings’ than themselves. I think this is rather outrageous and terrible, since all Prometheus actually did was love humankind as he loved his own race, and desired to help them achieve, fulfill and accomplish things as their own race. Prometheus gave men the gift of fire, which led to knowledge, which in turn resulted in power.

This marked the beginning of humankind as an established race, because after receiving the gift of fire from Prometheus, men could accomplish many other things (such as cooking meat) which they could not prior to the invention of fire. Men also received the gift of writing from Prometheus, which he claimed was the best invention he gave them since men could now record everything they knew. This ensured the continued existence of men and kept knowledge alive for future generations. So in the eyes of Zeus and the other Gods, Prometheus not only gave to men the gift of fire, but he helped them survive and evolve as a race, which made men not that much ‘lesser’ than the Gods and Titans.

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This upset and angered Zeus since he wanted to keep man the lesser.

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