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Project Concept Business Case :Opportunity Statement:Goal Statement:Project Objective: We want to raise  $ 500 for the project and at the same time, will try to aware everyone about our cause, starting from our class to everyone around.Project Case:Project Duration:Start DateEnd DateKey DeliverablesCommunication Plan Project Members and Key stakeholders : Advisor: Dr. BernardConstraints and Dependencies:Constraints:  This project is working under a time constraint. Planning, and acquiring permission for the events will take some time.

Though everyone in this team is willing to give more time and do more for this cause. We have to coordinate and get approval from the Society and sometimes, the communication is limited ,due to the difference of opinion, though they have been very helpful from the start. Therefore, our team is assuming that our application will be granted without any critical impediments in our plan. Dependencies- N/AApproval requirements:Impact of Project: Estimated Cost: Realised/Actual Cost: This will be completed after the project is complete  Preliminary Plan(Phase) Start Finish D M A I C  Project Risk: Charity we are hoping to benefit:We are hoping to raise the funds for Alzheimer Society of B.C.

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We have chosen this charity because we want to help the people suffering from Alzheimer and dementia. It is a threatening feeling for all of us to even imagine about putting ourselves in their shoes.It is very miserable to see that the people suffering from these diseases cannot enjoy the warmth and love of their family members because they are no longer able to recognize them. They live a life having no mission and no goal.

. Alzheimer Society of B.C. promotes the public awareness about these diseases, focuses on issues identified through community dialogues and independent research.1 Also, this organization supports other charities and organizations by providing the best help it can offer.

The core beliefs and the mission and vision of the organization are also very appealing.The mission of the organization is to harness the gifts of energy, ideas, time and money to make meaningful and lasting impacts in communities.2 We are committed to provide energy, enthusiasm, ideas, time to collect the money for this organization.We contacted the resource development department of this organization and proposed our idea of collecting funds for them by either providing the manpower for the events ,they are planning to host in the nearest future or by hosting an event. We have registered on their website as well for collecting the funds online. This organization is going to organize an event, Breakfast to Remember, in February or March.

We will ask the co-ordinator to participate in that event to act as volunteer for raising the funds.The main goal of this project is create awareness and bring people together to support healthy lifestyle in our community. At the end of this project, we hope to have raised $500 for the Alzheimer Society (Key things to do to make it succeed)Work breakdown structure of this Project will consist of four major levels: 1.   Project Management2.  Implementation Processes3.

Execution of  the Event4.  Final Closing  The Project will start with the creation of Project Management Plan on January ?, 2018 and conclude with final Closing Processes in April 1, 2018. All the team members will report as per schedule to the Project Manager.  We need the support of the members of the organization to collect the funds. We will also need to research  and consider expert opinions who have organized similar events.



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