Project Management Woody essay

Installation of dust free paint and air condition to make a better working environment. To increase the work efficiency by using a semi automatic woodworking production train. New development and installation of hardware and software. Offices renovation for President and Executive Vice Presidents. This is not cleared and very less details. Improvements that should they determined are as follow: Determined the maximum output that the existing factory can provide Learn bout the historical cash flow of the company Develop a future sale projection and market trends Determine propose of the expansion and develop a project management plan. . 2. 3 Definition of Project Scope and Limitations Project’s Name : Woody 2000 Owner : Carpenter, Ron : 18 months Time Budget Cost : 17 million dollars Objective : to automate the work processes, expand the factory Extra Work : repainting President and Executive Vice Presidents room The scope should be managed through out the duration of the project. Planning is the most important part to start the project. The plan will be deadlines for everybody who is part of the project. If it was not cleared, both of manager and employee will not be clear.

The plan should be deep enough to answer question that may occurs. The objective should be short simple and easy to understand. There should be a better plan. Woody should study more about the case and make a clear estimation of the time and budget. Moreover, he should plan about everything that might be related to the project. The thing that happened in the company is just the discussion of key players in the company. They should make a decision by using realistic information not from what they think.

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Schedule There is no project schedule with critical pass, so they will not know the benefit of not meeting schedule. They should make a complete project schedule with critical pass. So they can have limited their time. Moreover, they will know the benefit and damage that could happen for not meeting the schedule. Project schedule should be done before the project start. Work flow drawing and documentation They should develop a plan for work flow process for both internal and external environment.

For internal, they should have the work flow from different department to other department and final approval to make sure hat everything was on time and does not delay. On the other hand, they need to make the flow of the work and contract of other companies we are dealing with for external work flow process. There was not well defined Risk management plan for the project. Risk management plan include assessment and identification, monitoring, control, and mitigation. The proper plan hasn’t been prepared. The budget was over the limitation and the project was also behind the schedule.

Moreover, other company that we were dealing with canceled their contract. Woody tried to control the problem by throwing out the money. As a result of all these tries, e looses the control of the project. During the planning and estimation of the budget, he should include the emergency cost and failure cost that may occurs during the projects. He needs to keep in mind that when he change or adapt something, there will be an extra cost. To be able to manage the work, there should be a meeting to keep update, see the progress, and predict about the problem that may occurs.

All possible risk that may occurs Project management risk: not proper planning External risk: contract between company, supplier, adaptive model, communication model, and project direction. Technical Risk: availability of laity and technologies of software and hardware Process that should be done to changes Request for change Studying the change Studying the change and the cost needed Approving the change and it cost Plan how the change will take place Implement the change 2. 2. 6 Project cost Estimation and Cost Control Cash flow The cash flow and Performa haven’t been prepared.

Detail of cash flow will make us see how much we process of the project because money will be use in every transaction of the project. Moreover, they should list all transaction that happens. Budget Management There is no budget management process. There just estimate the budget thou calculating the real cost. In addition, they should estimate cost for failure and problem that may occurs as well. Complete budget management plan will keep tracking of the project and it includes real time updates of the project. To manage the quality, this project should not go more than limitation.

Time and budget should not exceed the project plan. Every projects need quality, so ‘Woody 2000″ also needs quality. Too many mistakes were happened because of lack of quality control. If the project has a good quality control, the project will be successful. Different company will have a different way of laity control. Manager should choose the one that will be the most effective for the company. For this project, they should focus on mistake that may occur, over spending for the budget, and make sure that all the work should be on time.

All of this need to work together, if the project fail, that mean that those who plan of the project having no quality in working. Moreover, that also mean that plan doesn’t work effectively and have no efficiency. There wasn’t any people who in charge and responsible directly. Work should be assign to each person, so the project will be a lot easier to control and manage. Work flow process They should develop a workflow process for those who involve in the project. They will be more cleared about what they have to do, what they should start, when is the ending time, and what are their roles.

Project Sponsor Set the project direction Review project financial Review project status Review project changes Approve request Approval for additional funds Project manager Review reports Make decision base on management approval Guide and give some direction Ensure that the project have quality Ensure that the project is on time Ensure that the project be in the budget Monitor and supervise Us persisting consultant Monitor the project and ensure time, budget, and quality met. Prepare meetings Prepared a monthly report 22. Communication and Progress Monitoring Lack of communication There are lots of mistake in communication between the company and employees and this cause a quality lower and exceed time and budget limit. Communications plan has a standard and procedures for communicating needs, communication information, and making decision to all stakeholders. Communication in this project was disorder. There is no key person who monitor and control each part of the project. The roles of each person and human resource were not clear.

Managers need to keep connection with employees. They should have meeting for updates and progress of the project. On the other hand, if there are some problems, it will be easy to solve. Project should be closeout as fast as they can to get lesser loss. They should come with a better and very detail plan, research, and analysis of the project. They need to study and analyses the project. Will it make a lot of changes to production? 3. 0 Measures and Actions that Could Have Been Taken to Achieve project Success They should have a project management plan.

Project Schedule: involves managing, defining, and maintaining the schedule ND report the project progress. Work Breakdown Structure of Key Activities and Tasks Gaunt Chart Critical Path: The longest path through out the project Schedule of Milestones: payments period Cost Management Payment Arrangement: milestone payment arrangements Cost Estimate: estimation of Design Works, Primary Works, External Works, Substructure works, and Superstructure Works Project Team: all people and departments that involve with the project.

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