Project Management Concepts and Applications Paper essay

This paper is intended to provide an overview of Siemens-SEC reject and the characteristics of this project along with structure and culture of its organization. Siemens-SEC Project Siemens-SEC project is a project between Siemens GAG that is a very well known engineering company located in Berlin, Germany and the Saudi Electricity Company (SEC). In addition to DB Schooner company as a third party.

DB Schooner is owned subsidiary of Deutsche Ban GAG, which focuses on logistics services. The purpose Of the project is importing heavy lift equipment and spare parts from Siemens GAG by SEC and installed them in 3 differential sites in Saudi Arabia.The duration of the project is 12 months that was started on October 10, 2013 and finished on October 9, 2014. The role of each company is as following: Siemens GAG Siemens GAG will manufacture all imported material based on purchase orders provided by SEC. Siemens GAG will maintain a regular report for all materials, showing the status of each item and the date when it will be ready for delivery. Siemens GAG will report any unusual information regarding delays or chaining in the schedule due to whatever reason, such as a shortage of the material, manpower, or any other resources.

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Siemens GAG will be immunization directly with DB Schooner to deal with all logistics part. Siemens GAG will provide DB Schooner with all need details and documents about the materials, in addition to the schedule and deadlines. DB schooner DB Schooner Dusseldorf will be communicating directly with Siemens GAG without the need to get in touch with the SEC. After receiving needed information and schedules about the material from Siemens GAG, DB Schooner will make the better arrangements to ship the items and deliver them to the receiving party as scheduled.

Shipping part will include Sea freight (FCC, LLC_ B & HAL) and airfreight. DB Schooner Dusseldorf will arrange with DB Schooner Saudi Arabia to receive the items and deliver them to the specified job site on specified time. DB Schooner Dusseldorf will supply DB Schooner Saudi Arabia with report that shows flight and vessels details for all shipped items with EDT (Estimated time of Departure) and EAT (Estimated Time of Arrival) and Schooner Saudi Arabia is responsible to make daily updates for all items with actual status and send the report back to DB Schooner Dusseldorf.

DB Schooner is responsible to provide suitable warehouse to store the achieved material under good conditions if the job site for that material was not ready to receive it. Any problem that required intervention from SEC Company should be reported immediately to DB Schooner Dusseldorf, who will be reporting the same to Siemens GAG. Damages should be reported by Schooner Saudi Arabia to Schooner Dusseldorf within no more than 24 hours. Saudi Electricity Company (SEC) SEC will prepare all purchase orders and send them to Siemens GAG with clear requirements of the equipment and delivery schedule.

SEC will be communicating on Ii with Siemens GAG only. SEC will make sure that all job sites are ready to receive the materials on the previously agreed time, any change on the schedule should be reported to Siemens GAG in order to be reported to DB Schooner. Any damages Of the material should be reported by SEC within no more than 48 hours to Siemens GAG. The Definition and Characteristics of the Project as Defined in Chi. 1 of Project Management. According to Larson, E. W. & Gray, C.

F. (2014) the project is a temporary endeavor undertaken to create a unique product, service or result.Based on this definition the Siemens-SEC project is noninsured a project and not day-to-day work. This project is temporary work and has starting and ending date. Also, the three companies mentioned above have grouped together to create unique product and service. Any project has an established objective, the objective of Siemens-SEC project is clearly defined, which is manufacturing and delivering heavy-lift equipment and spare parts to three different job sites in Saudi Arabia. Besides, the duration of the project is defined, as the project has begun on October 10, 201 3 and finished on October 9, 2014.

In addition to that, different functional apartments have participated to make the project real. Those departments are sales, procurements, logistics, customer services, finance, and IT. It is obvious that this project had not been done before even if the three companies worked together in previous tasks, there are differences in the imported items, quantities, timing, and job sites. The requirements of the delivery schedule, costs and level of performance are specified and clear to all involved parties.

A Description of the Organizational Structure, Based on the Structures Discussed Project Management The Siemens – SEC project involved three different companies. However, I can speak about the structure DB Schooner the logistics company because it is the company where am currently employed. As mentioned clearly by Larson, E. W. & Gray, C.

F. (2014) there are three types of organizational structure within the project management that are the functional, dedicated project teams, and matrix arrangements.DB Schooner takes the strong matrix form because it contains the two lines, which are the functional one and the project one. Although there is a separate project department that has multiple teams, people at hose teams may report to project manager and functional manager at the same time depending on their tasks. Also, there is a top project manager who monitors and controls all the projects. He assigns teams to projects according to their knowledge, experience, and availability.

In addition, he takes the critical decisions that can’t be taken by the team members only.The Siemens – SEC project fits within the matrix form because it is a separate project that has nothing to do with the day-to-day work, which should be performed by other functional departments. Also, it was assigned to a project management team whose members were reporting to the project manager. The Advantages and Disadvantages the Matrix System within The Siemens – SEC project The advantages are: Efficient, in terms of sharing the resound:sees between functional departments and project department. Strong Project Focus.Because there was a project manager who was responsible for coordinating and integrating Flexibility in utilizing the resources and expertise within the organization. The Disadvantages are: 1 Dysfunctional Conflict. The conflict between functional manager and reject manager were inevitable at any time because the needed for some expertise from the project team for functional job.

Stressful. There was some stress because some team members have two bosses ? the functional manager and the project manager- A Description of the Culture of the Organization that includes concepts from Chi. Of Project Management.

The culture of DB Schooner values the respect between all member and others, teamwork, commitment, outcomes rather than process and techniques, in addition to reward. The basis of DB Schooner culture has supported the Siemens – SEC project in a positive way. It has assisted team members to coordinate with vendors and sub-contracts that are coming from different cultures to facilitate the project tasks and get the job done smoothly.

The commitment and teamwork enforce the members to make more effort to get accurate information and report them on the daily basis. In addition to focuses on the results and achieve the goals as desired without delays rather than wasting time on the processes. That does not mean that there were no negatives in the project, but there only minor errors that were controlled immediately and solved without further consequences. Conclusion In today’s business, the project management function is covering a great part of the organizational work.

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