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Professional Statement This is the part where I hook you in with a quintessentialquote that beautifully describes to you the totality of my being in only a fewwords. That in some way, the flowerylanguage quoted by a prolific individualcan express to you my dreams, goals, struggles, and triumphs with only a fewkeystrokes. However, I know of no suchquote that can accomplish this feat, and instead of depending on the words ofanother to elucidate my intentions. I will do my best to define my narrative inmy own words. Beforethe start of my pharmacy career, I knew pediatrics was a specialty thatgenuinely held my interest and has consistently remained a niche within the field I would like to pursue.

Weight-baseddosing, off-label drug usage, and specialized compounding highlight some of themany challenges faced when treating this patient population. Making it vital tohave specially trained pharmacists who are capable of working intimately withdoctors and hospital personnel to meet the needs of the individual patients.Attention to detail, critical thinking, and compassion are all core elementsrequired when it comes to caring for this population. In addition to my workethic, I know that I possess the qualities that would allow me to excel in thisspecialized area of practice. Even with said elements, I still lack theclinical training and experience desired by potential employers and futurecolleagues. Thus making the pursuit of a PGY1 pediatric residency pivotal inreaching my short-term goals of pediatric-focused residency training followedby a PGY2 in a specialized area of interest.

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Apediatric pharmacy residency provides me with the opportunity to receiveclinical training in pediatric and neonatal pharmacotherapy and pharmaceuticalcare. This unique population cannot simply be viewedupon as “mini-adults” in regards to the care that they are provided. Therefore, it is pertinent that clinical pharmacists are thoroughly educated about the many nuancesand subtleties unique to the treatment of pediatric patients. Only thesuccessful completion of an ASHP-accredited residency program would fulfillsuch a need. I am confident that Children’s National Medical Center would goabove and beyond in satisfying that.

As a top-ranked medical institution, yourprogram has much to offer in regards to rotation experiences, teaching andresearch opportunities, and a clinical staff that is beyond measure. Afterreviewing the information about the program, it’s clear that it has all thenecessary components that would allow for the advancement of my clinicalknowledge and skills. The declarations made about this program are not based upon research on the medicalcenter alone, but I can attest to their validity as I reflect back on my own personal experience with such an esteemedinstitution.Fromthe moment I stepped foot into the main lobby of the Children’s NationalMedical Center (CNMC), I immediately knew that this would be the start of anunforgettable experience.

My eyes filled with wonderment and childlike glee asI observed the high glass ceilings, stunning murals, and hot air balloons thatfloated ever so gently in the air. I immediately felt at home, and I was in awethat I was blessed with the opportunityto complete a 5-week rotation in the number one neonatal intensive care unit(NICU) in the nation. Throughout my didacticcareer, “pediatrics” was always a particular patient population that did notgarner much attention in our accelerated program. With aspirations of becominga pediatric clinical pharmacist, I was ready to soak in every piece of thisexperience like a sponge and my preceptor, Dr.

Alysia Osugi made sure that happened.Teaching and molding the next generation of healthcare providers was more thanjust a lofty idea at CNMC, it was the essence of the entire medical facility.Family-centered rounds were a sovereign space where learning and teachingoccurred effortlessly. They enabled me to witness the effectiveness of amultidisciplinary healthcare team in optimizing patient care first hand. Todate, my NICU experience has been one of the most challenging clinicalrotations.

The weekly discussions concerning neonatal disease states, SOAPnotes, patient work-ups, rounding, and presentations instilled me with thetools and mindset necessary to be successful and thrive in subsequentrotations. I will always look back at my time spent at Children’s NationalMedical Center as one of my fondest rotation experiences. Furthermore, it will also be viewed as the moment where I dared to embarkon the journey to accomplish the goals that I thought at one point were too bigto dream. Applicant: Winfield Whittington III Pediatriconcology, critical care, neonatal care, and adolescent medicine are all aspectsof a dream that is so close to becoming a reality for me. I can envision myselfmonitoring patients on high-risk medications, performing family-centered roundswith my professional colleagues, providing age-appropriate education for my special patients and so much more. The timespent with Dr. Osugi and the NICU satellite team showed me that this particularfield of pharmacy is the place where I can make a difference for many years tocome.

Long-term, I foresee the realm ofacademia as another role that I would like to fulfill. Standing in front of theclass with “clicker” in hand and educating the next generation of pharmacistabout what makes treating this population such a challenge yet a rewardingexperience. In a perfect world, I would love the chance return to theUniversity of Maryland Eastern Shore (UMES) School of Pharmacy to educatestudents about this unique patient population that is not addressed in their didacticstudies.

I hope that as an educator I’ll not only be able to provide UMESstudents with the opportunity to learn more about this field, but foster and prepare the individualswith a genuine interest in specializing in an area that I know is worthwhile.


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