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Based on the results of the students evaluated was found that three of them are dominance and the other three are cautious. Of the four behavioral styles; dominance, interactive, cautious and steadiness members Carols Riviera, Melanie Santos and Glorify Rexes were classified dominance style.

Moreover, Joss© Galilean, Jenny Gill and Surgery Rod(Suez resulted in cautious style. People with dominance style tend to take control of the situations provided. They like to do many things at once so they do not focus on one thing.They are also people who like challenges and don’t care to meet them. Also, if they have to break the rules they will proceed that way.

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They work fast, therefore, get upset when there is a delay or a task can’t be completed. Those with a cautious style tend to be more analytical and persistent and enjoy solving problems. They are people who like to work slowly so they can check things twice. They always have high expectations therefore expect much more of others and themselves.They are perfectionists; they plan a lot of things, measure the margin of error in order to make corrective decisions.

They are independent and distrustful people who like things with actions and not pure words. These behavioral styles have several things in common but also have features that could cause team members have some differences. In both styles, they like to have control of the situation. The dominance style likes to do things fast. If something goes wrong they get mad, however the cautious style likes to do things with low pace in order to do things with perfection.Since these behavioral styles have many things in common and others are totally different, the group have to work to reach a middle ground where all am members can work in harmony.

In order to accomplish this task it is necessary that all team members work together to ensure that the differences in these varieties of behavioral styles don’t affect the work of the entire group. Carols, Melanie and Glorify who have a dominance style should work on doing things at a slow pace so that things become better.They should also stop focusing on several things at once because this may cause that some of the tasks don’t go well. Moreover Joss©, Jenny and Surgery who have a cautious style must learn to manage their stress at the extremes tuitions, because this can put them out of control. The dominance and cautious style are quite different and therefore must work to achieve that both styles coexist without any further problems.

Based on the characteristics of both styles is very important to have tolerance and respect for each of the members.Respect is the foundation of everything, thus it is extremely important that everyone learn to respect other people thoughts. In order to be successful leaders, the dominance style must learn to follow the rules and should not break them in order to complete a goal or task. They must also earn to manage their emotions when something goes wrong or out Of control.

On the other hand, the cautious style should learn to be more risk, sometimes who dares wins. Cautious people are always methodical, therefore, they don’t tend to take risks.The characteristics of both styles can be very beneficial for the team since half have some features and the other half another. This group called the Learning Team C has members who like to have control of the situations and like to get positive results. They are people who take risks and accept new challenges. It also has members who like to love problems and make everything analytical and in a planned manner. They like to check things twice to be sure everything is correct because they like things made perfectly.

These are positive features that will help the group to be leaders both individually and in group. A good leader must know how to handle difficult situations, people who take risks but at the same time know how to investigate and measure error margins tend to avoid flaws in the final result. They should be people who respect their employees or partners and have good qualities to emulate. You can lead other people when you have loyalties to emulate. Understand that the group has the necessary characteristics to be good leaders, just a matter of knowing how to work with these characteristics.Based on The Platinum Rule Model of Behavioral Style, these two styles; dominance and cautious are the styles that have the best qualities for a good leader, because they have the necessary tools to be successful leaders.

To make a group of successful leaders it’s important that each team member achieves the ultimate in performance and understand their strengths so that they can take full control of situations. It is also important to work in areas that they know must be improved so that things don’t interfere with good performance.It is also important to think about the wellbeing of the group rather than yourself, because if a team member begins to think only in his or her benefit that would be selfish. Therefore, they won’t be able to become successful in a group neither in individual leadership. The line between a good leader and a bad leader is very thin so it must be remembered how much one should go to avoid passing this border.

In conclusion, the key behavior to be a successful leader, not only individually UT also as a group is to make the best with your strengths and work on improving the weaknesses.

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