Process capability essay

Explaining five types of customer) 3 Describe the four phases of SMS implementation in detail. Define quality manual and explain it. 4. Describe Knowledge Support System (KS) and its scope. Write a note on interaction between quality and knowledge management. (a. Describing KS and its scope b. Explaining the interaction between quality and knowledge management) 5. A. What do you understand by productivity? How can it be measured? B. What are the factors which affect productivity? (Explaining productivity Explaining how to measure it Tallest five factors which affect radioactivity) 6.

What are the goals for which Malcolm Baldrics National Quality Award was created? What are the aims of Rajah Gandhi criteria? CM 0020- Quality in Service Industries 1 Discuss the Capability Maturity Model Integration(CACM) Explanation of COMIC COMIC constellations COMIC maturity levels 2 Explain the five dimensions of Service Quality given by Paranormal, Estimate and Berry, to evaluate the service gap. Definition of Service quality Explanation of five dimensions of Service quality 3 SURVIVAL is a diagnostic tool that uncovers a firm’s broad weaknesses and threatens in the area of service quality.

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It is very useful in measuring quality in service sectors. Discuss the SURVIVAL concept in detail. Definition of SURVIVAL Explanation of SURVIVAL concept 4 Explain the various reasons for Service failure and also the two types Of service failure. Explanation of service failure and its two types Reasons for service failure 5 Give reasons why providing high-quality service depends on efficient co- ordination between different functional areas/departments of an organization. Explanation of the role of different departments in managing arrive quality Steps in providing high-service quality 6.

Explain the various services provided by retailers. Also explain the various approaches to service quality in retailing. Services provided by retailers Approaches to service quality in retailing QM0021 : STATISTICAL PROCESS CONTROL 1 Write short notes on: (a) Process management (b) Types of data Short notes on process management Short notes on Types of data 2 What is process capability? Define process capability index. Explain CPA index and CPA Index. Meaning of process capability Definition Of process capability index

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