Procedure the physical mobility vanishes, serious physiological and

Procedure1. Internet and book research was conducted in order to find more information.2. A preliminary analysis, thoughts about neglected people from the group of vulnerable elderly adults and personal experiences.ProblemAdults gradually grow older.

They become physically helpless. The sight and hearing worsen, the physical mobility vanishes, serious physiological and mental diseases develop. Unfortunately, very old people often are exposed to inattention and violence.Violence can take different forms, including physical, verbal, emotional and sexual, financial exploitation and full inattention.As well as all forms of violence, the violence of old adults a complex problem which society not always understands.LegislationThe case of “Violence over old adults” was defined in Protection from Abuse (Scotland) Act 2001. 1If violence occurs, the law has to be applied as well as at any other type of violence.

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But in the situation of old adults it is not always possible to report and prove the facts of the violence.Scientific research in the UK (Ogg and Bennett, 1992) has shown that about 5% of elders at the age of 65 and older were exposed to abuse or negligence, or exploitation (about 2% have undergone physical abuse).The later publication (BBC News, 2011) has shown statistics figures that an about 96,000 alleged abuse cases have been reported.The cases of violence over old people tell is about imperfection of today’s society. The lower the social structure, the more facts of violence and neglect. In the developed society it is necessary to increase the social system of support and protection of a defenceless part of elderly people.Policy frameworkThe majority of plans for protection of elderly against abuse is made on the basis of Care Act (Care Act, 2014).

Sections of the Act requires a local authority to promote individual wellbeing and “protection from abuse and neglect”.The local authority has to inform people about the existing problem of abuse over older people. And also to keep in touch with families where there live dependent elderly, to have a close connection with hospitals.

To prevent and stop abuse and negligence where it is possible. To try to improve the living conditions of dependent elderly. To provide all the necessary information on how to stay safe.Unfortunately, sometimes it is difficult to notice signs of violence in time.

In difficult cases, access to families can be complicated. Each case is individual, it is impossible to define the general rules for everybody.’Safeguarding is everybody’s business”All parts of society have to be involved: health and social care professionals, housing sector or social security.


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