Privacy your personal information being processed in accordance

  Privacy Policy:Prime Credit Loans. (PCL, we, us) is committed to protecting yourprivacy. This Privacy Policy provides info about how we collect, use, store,transfer and disclose your personal information. By using this site( you agree to your personal information beingprocessed in accordance with our Privacy Policy stated in this page, also itcan be amended from time to time.

You should read this Privacy Policy inreference to the Terms of Use Prime Credit Loans protects the personal information within our control withappropriate technological and physical safeguards We store your personal informationin electronic files that are secure, and Prime Credit Loans’ security measures include secure on- and off-sitestorage and restricted access to records and data processing technology,password protocols,  encryption andsecurity software.The personalinformation that we hold is only retained with us till the time it is requiredfor the purpose for which it was collected. When we no longer require to retainthe information, we will erase the information from our servers. Legal Laws, however,may require us to hold some or all of the personal information we hold for aperiod of time that is longer than that for which we might otherwise hold.Your personalinformation may be stored and processed or otherwise used by Prime Credit Loans,our affiliates or our service providers, both inside and outside of Canada. Your PersonalInformation may be maintained and processed by Lender, Affiliates and otherthird party service providers in the Canada or other jurisdictions. In theevent of Personal Information is shared in the US or other foreignjurisdiction, it will be subject to the laws of that jurisdiction and may bedisclosed to or accessed by the courts, law enforcement agencies and governmentauthorities in accordance with the local laws.

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  If your loan is approved by one of our participating lenders,additional information will be collected including your Income Proof (such aspay stubs or Notices of Assessment from your tax return), your Bank accountnumber, and information regarding your employment such as occupation, currentor former employer(s). We may also collect personal and employment referenceswith your consent. -Information that is collected aboutyou is so that we can communicate with you to process your requests in regardsto our services. We will update you time to time of new financial services thatwe think you may be interested in through our newsletter. All examplescontained herein the Privacy Policy are merely illustrative and are inclusive.  Your PersonalInformation may be transferred (or otherwise made available) to our network of lenders,affiliates and other third parties who provide Lending services.

Our network oflenders use service providers to host the Website, operate its features, sendemails, call, text messages or other communications, or manage and analyze dataand our advertising effectiveness. Your Information may be maintained andprocessed by our network of Lenders, affiliates and other third party serviceproviders in the Canada or other jurisdictions. Ouraffiliates and or also our network of lenders hold the rights to contact you topromote their services via telephone, and email to all the Applicants who havewillingly requested to be contacted via our website’s Loan Application opt-inprocess. Users of this website will receive calls and emails from ouraffiliates until they decide to opt out form our list and database.We offer the option wherein all the Applicants canbe taken off from our database whenever they need, no questions asked. In orderto get yourself off our lists and not to receive communications any further inthe future, you can just e-mail us at [email protected]

com, and we willdelete all your data from our Systems.Ifwe do not hear from you we assume your consent to receive phone calls ande-mails from our company, affiliates and Network of Lenders. PrimeCredit Loans reserves the right to disclose all or some information of theApplicants in good faith when the law demands it.  Prime Credit Loans may collect non-personal information about youwhen you interact with our website, including computer/phone and technicalinformation about your medium of connection to our website. Non-personalidentification information includes: browser name, operating system, Internetservice provider and other similar information.

Prime Credit Loans may use thisinformation to improve our website and provide services such as technicalsupport. We may also provide aggregate statistics about our visitors, sales,traffic patterns, and related website information to reputable third parties,but this data will not include personally identifiable information related tospecific individuals. 


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