Prioritising to not leave the service users in

Prioritising important elements can assist in highlighting what training should be Selected.

That goals need to be achieved for the service users we have? What Training does the staff team want? 6hat training courses are mandatory for a staff team? ‘All these factors need to be considered and then compared to the training. Time is also a consideration. If you have a large staff team it can be difficult to organise training to which they can all attend. This is also true of the place the training is to be held.

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Is it more advantageous for the training to be held on site rather than all have to travel to a training facility as travelling can create extra cost?It may be wise for a manager to look at just sending 1 or 2 members of staff on a course to !e trainer trained in several important courses so that they can train other staff in these topics. ‘Although it may be a high cost to start o# with it can work out more cost effective in the long run, especially if the organisation has a high turnover of staff. These trainers can then train in house as and when required at times suitable for all staff and at times suited to the Rotas as to not leave the service users in a vulnerable position due to lack of staff on shift.


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