Printmaking artist sketches onto a matrix and then

Printmaking is a way of creating art by transferring an image or design from a matrix to paper or a similar material. The process can produce multiples of the same pieces of art and multiple impressions printed from the same plate.It has many forms with different complexities but all forms are based on the same standard, which is to transfer an image or design from a matrix to a transferring base in this case paper. In addition to the same standard images in printmaking are usually rendered in ink. There are many kinds of printmaking techniques but I will be distinguishing the connection between the matrix and paper in three different kinds of printmaking: relief, intaglio, and planographic. Relief printing is when an artist sketches onto a matrix and then carves out the desired area that will not have the ink.

The remaining raised areas are inked and pressed onto the paper. The matrix pressing against paper leaves the resulting image indented. Woodcut is one of the most common and oldest forms of printmaking. The Golden Autum by Chen Xuhai is a great example of the woodcut method. The way the woodcut is cut in various short line strokes in different directions with the combination of the dark crevices and the depth of the cuts making the face look very old.

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