Principles those skills and speak, behave appropriately and

Principles that relate to your contribution to a relationship involve; first and full most effective communication this is a key principle for developing relationships, simply being able to communicate with others no matter who they are, knowing how to adapt those skills and speak, behave appropriately and listen to others.

From this you can create comfortable situations and by keeping other principles in mind create and develop relationships. The importance of showing respect to others and listening to other peoples points of view, this is a huge part of relationship building. No matter the age, culture, gender etc.

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of the person they want to be respected and feel that whoever they are communicating with respects and values what they have to say and all in all respects them as a person. With respect we must be considerate, taking the time to consider the position of others. Whether you are working with a child or an adult being considerate towards them, everyone is fighting a battle we don’t know about and remembering to always consider the feelings of others especially if that person is under pressure will have a massive impact of the relationship in a positive way.


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