Principles Of Safeguarding And Protection In Health And Social Care essay

Financial abuse is when the career steals the persons money, misuses the persons money or property, also when the career take complete advantage of the persons money or property also doing anything they shouldn’t with any of the errors financial situation including not paying the bills if that is what is asked of them and leaving the person with no money when they should have. 1 . 1 e This is when any form of abuse or neglect is undertaken and that occurs in a institutional setting this could be carried out by a career or any other person in a position of responsibility at the place.

His can be anything from set times of going to bed, having meals just to fit round the career, also included in this is lack of meal choice for certain diets wearing anybody in the homes clothes and not having their own like wearing other peoples underwear etc. Only certain visiting times to work round the careers and not the family etc also lack of choice and decision making 1 . If Self neglect is when the person can no longer look after themselves egg cannot wash themselves to end up dirty and unhygienic.When they don’t use any heat in the house and sit in the cold if they are not eating properly in general when they just cannot look after themselves or have given up doing so . Maybe through illness maybe loneliness or many other reasons.

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1. 1 g Neglect by others is when either the family or person or career who is supposed to be joking after that person does nothing for them ii washing them not making sure they are getting food , them not giving medication when needed anything where the person is not getting looked after properly where the person is dirty, getting thinner 1. Physical abuse– this includes scratches bruises, cuts burn marks, repeated injuries broken bones, any sort of marks on the body that are not normal ones, fractures, pain when touched anywhere anything that really shouldn’t be there under normal circumstances the person cringes when you go near them cause they are frightened or they eight go into themselves Material/financial abuse when the person has no money when they should have when items go missing , when bills etc are not paid, when money goes missing when , the person has old clothes that are in a bad state and no-one has bought any more when they are in charge of the money in short anybody takes advantage of the venerable person and their finances Sexual abuse. The person might have bruising round the genital area , they wont let certain careers wash them or touch them are signs of this or cowering when you go near them, infections in he private areas like unusual discharge or smell Emotional/ Physiological abuse- The person might be withdrawn, tearful a want of wanting to be alone, they might have anxiety problems, wringing their hands or making fists close to their bodies, have depression have thoughts of suicide seem confused not want certain careers to be there as they know they will shout or be really rude and not help them with their emotional needs. Institutional abuse-the person may come very dependent on the career or person looking after them, loose the way of making their own decisions,not raring to speak up for themselves, loose any independence and just go along with what is told them Selecting-the person may loose weight they might not be eating properly, wear dirty clothes, not have any type of heating on to warm themselves there skin might be sallow , and not have any interest in anything they might have a small accident and not tell anybody so they can be checked out.Financial- the person might be walking round in old clothes that are not suitable, they might not have heating on as they have no money to pay for it, they might not be wearing the jewelry they had on the are might have taken it, letters and bills no longer come to the house so they worry over paying bills, they are not eating properly as no money to buy food. Neglect by other- this is when the person or persons looking after that individual don’t look after them properly could be by not feeding them properly, not making sure they have proper clothing, heating, if they are ill nothing anything about it , not making sure they have money , not paying bills if they are supposed to any thing that is detrimental to their well being. Any person with a disability could be more venerable, some people .

3 with learning disabilities as they don’t always know what is wrong and what is right. People in care homes where checks haven’t been made on the careers, a person in a home where there are not enough careers to look after the residents properly, a person who cannot feed themselves, or someone who can’t go to the toilet by themselves, someone who cannot wash themselves also if the career has a drink or drug problem or under a lot of stress at home and they are not looking after the person properly also a person who has a mental problem also people with no family the elderly frail the young ND people with dysfunctional families also the old who live at home on their You must right it down and keep a copy signed and dated and own 2. 1 talk to your manager a health visitor or social worker or somebody in authority and explain your suspicions what you saw, heard or was told and exactly what you have done so far. 2.

2 You must right down exactly what the person told you in their own words not adding anything to it keep a copy also sign and date titan write down the names of anybody else who heard this note down if there are any bruises etc and again take to someone in authority 2. Evidence preserved always keep a copy of what you have reported making sure the date time and signature is on the copy the same as the original.Also make sure that any evidence at the time is preserved in a way of proof , take photos is needed, preserve any garments of clothing that could have DNA on them, don’t let that person wash if there could be any DNA on them till you have got the instructions you need from a higher source.

If needed call in a doctor, ad if you think the individual is at immediate risk take action straightaway to make sure that risk is taken away by getting in touch tit the appropriate people who can tell you what action needs to be taken this is very important. You can even close of the room if it is required so that nobody can tamper with any evidence that might be in there. 3. National Policies are DB’S (Disclosure and Barring Seen,’ice) ICQ (care quality commission) Nationals Health service) DOCS (Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards) 3.

2 DB’S provides a service which checks whether and individual has a criminal record this helps the employer to decide whether they are suitable to work for there company. They also check a barred list to e if individual is barred from working with vulnerable adults. ICQ (care quality commission) they check and regulate and inspect all hospitals , care homes and dentists community services like mental health and services in your home for both nursing and personal care. INS are obliged to report anything they find wrong as well.DOSS is set up to make sure that any restraints and restrictions are only used if in the best interest of the person who lacks capacity to make decisions for themselves and that there isn’t any abusive acts going on.

3. 3 There has been a lot of reports into abuse and errors failures to protect individuals including Wintergreen DRP Shipman Baby P. Wintergreen is where the staff were really abusing the people in their care to horrific degrees, this ended up with staff being jailed over the abuse and the closing of the home which meant other residents had to be moved which unsettled them immensely to make sure they were safe when they should have been safe secure and happy in the place they were.Baby P is a case of the 1 7th month old baby that suffered horrendous abuse from the mother , her boyfriend, and the brother over an 8 month period, the poor hill suffered terrible injuries over the time which eventually led to his death, The authorities the harrying children’s services that were looking after him during this period failed to protect him and this was the second time they had failed to protect a child the first being the case of Victoria Climb. Her case led to measures being put in place to make SUre it never happened again but they failed and did not save Baby P. DRP Shipman was another He was killing his patients mainly older ones and mainly women.

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