He has effectively interacted with lecturers and professors in the department to gain maximum possible academic knowledge on a daily basis.

What has caught my eye very early and impressed me time and again is the act that he is a prolific writer of technical papers. Having participated in various National and State Level Paper Presentation Competitions, he has gained immense insights into wide-ranging areas. This experience, while directly increasing his knowledge in these areas, has benefited him immensely by way of exposure to the latest happenings in the fields. In our interactions during committee meetings, he came up with some innovative ideas to enhance teaching methods and was also efficient in indicating some practical approach towards realizing the same.

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His creativity earned him a lot of appreciation from professors. Recommend him for graduate studies since in my view his academic competence and commitment, definitely makes him one of the most noteworthy students have taught. I am convinced he will put forth all his efforts into any endeavor. He will be an asset to your department and I recommend him without reservation.

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