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Primary Research is also known as field research. Primary research is known as new research which is planned out to answer specific issues which have occurred and questions. Primary research can involve questionnaires, Surveys or interviews with individual or very small group of people. The cost which is related to primary research can vary in terms of which research you intend to carry out e.g. if you wish to carry out a survey to the general public the cost can start from £5,000 and you will be able to question up to around 125 people. The type of accuracy which is involved within primary research would be that it the target issues are addressed and issues are resolved as serious people give their opinions about the related matter which is taking place. The time implications which are related to primary research are that it takes a large amount of time as it is new and fresh data which has been discovered. And will take up a signification amount of time to receive the response as it has only been discovered and could possibly take up several weeks to gain feedback which you can see if your issues and matters have been resolved and taken into account.The results which you get from primary research would be not as valid as secondary research as it is new data which people are being asked about. So some of the population may just not take the survey seriously as they may need to understand the information. As secondary research is the type of research which is more present research.Finally, the response rate of primary research would be much lower if you published the survey on the internet. As the cost would be lower to upload it and would mean that it would take a large amount of time to receive Responses as it would not be at the top pile of surveys. Therefore, it would be better if you do a direct survey or printed survey as it would take a lot less time. And you would be able to gain positive response rather than inaccurate ones which people have not taken any thought and consideration into it.This type of marketing research method is ideally just looking through and collecting data which is carried out by the individual people which are observing in planned and arranged atmosphere. The method is quite accurate as the watcher would be looking at the person’s every move, so they would straight away figure and notice if they were lieing in anyway shape or form. For this type of method there is no cost involved. One advantage to this research method would be that science based observation methods would see how people behaviour is in different types of controlled environments, as to someone observing, this would suggest and mean that the person would get a very good idea in what is happening because they will be in the same room without any wrong variables. A disadvantage to this type of method could be that the person watching would have very little importance and control over the problem, e.g. if a type of business wanted to have a large noisy bunch of behaviour, this would suggest that they would have to wait until they had the right amount of people which had  good behaviour which would make a successful crowd.This type of marketing research method is key and ideal as you are able to keep a track of different types of reactions from either a small or large group,provided on what the situation is.This type of method would be correct, like the observation method,by simply looking at the target audience,you can tell if they are telling the truth or not;therefore making the research accurate and reliable. One type of advantage to this method is that it is much more convenient and effective at the exact time,because you are able to collect information without any stress being involved.This would also include the researcher’s ability to change and control the independent variable. One disadvantage to this method could be that there would be cost issues involved to set up the experiment,also ethnic factors would have to be taken into attention.This type of marketing research method is increasingly useful,because you are able to easily gather data and information with no stress and after a period of time you can compare and contrast the data against other types of factors. Also this could not be as accurate,as some people lie when participating in surveys just to make the people how are wanting their opinions not feel bad. The advantage to this type of method could be that surveys tend to be a lot easier to control and expand,also it is cost effective but this would not include the things which are needed to develop the surveys e.g paper and stationary. The disadvantage to this method could be that the people which have been nominated to take part in the surveys are most likely not be truthful because they have not been put under pressure which would provide negative results.This type of marketing research method is a type of group with potential customers brought together to talk about a specific idea. This type of method would be useful as it saves the business a lot of money and time and would result in the response rate being a lot higher and the business could measure customers reactions to specific things. A negative to this type of method would be that it costs a lot for the businesses as they would pay people to come in and talk about a particular idea.This type of method is relating to promoting products and services with the help of the internet.Also it includes direct and indirect points which help the business be more confident with there customers. This information is correct as it has been gathered correctly because it is secondary research where cookies have been used. Also the process does not take up a lot of time and can be conducted correctly without any stress.This research method is a survey which has been carried out over a very long period of time with the same people each time. A bad point towards this marketing research method is that the feedback rate is not very high as it mainly relays on the amount of people who are wanting or will take part in the project.This research method is to test out a new product or service which is on the target market as it is about to launch. This is a useful technique as it allows the business to make them be aware of the public agreement over the product or service or not. The cost which would be related to this method is to conduct the trials.This would be correct as you will get hands on feedback from the business consumers.Piloting is when a business looks at their questionarrie and gives it to a very limited number of people as they want to see if people want anything to be changed. If anything is wrong it will be reported back and will be looking into and the business will update the questionnaire.COMPLETED VIA TIME CONSTARINED ASSESSMENTInternal sources of secondary researchE-transactions – These are the payments which keep all of the details of the products which update them straight away to the database. This is where all the information is kept such as name and emails of the consumers also with the products which they have bought, and this enables them to send out emails about the business products which the customers may be interested in.Loyalty Schemes-such as the advantage card which is being offered to the companies such as Tesco and Boots which are really useful.These type of cards record every purchase which the customer makes and they details of which store they visit,the types of products which they buy and the amount times they particular products and if the advertising will effect this happening.Sales figures-This is a useful tool for a company as it shows the units which are sold in different months,and if there is a pattern between the amount of products sold and the month which they were sold in.Sales people-These are the type of people which have been employed to look into other competitive companies.They have to  discover the type of information i.e., price of the competitors and their insurance information which they can keep an eye on them when looking at the market trends.External sources of secondary researchInternet – is the home of a number of sources which are added to the websites every day. The websites offer statistics and other sites that just talk about certain things like business information.Businesses can do easy competitive analysis as they log it to the competitors sites and research around the information.Government Statistics- This information can be found on line by saving them from the gov statistics website which has details about trends and population,price and employment and regional trends.Universities hold journals which provide a lot information about different sources. A huge amount of work is carried out by students from university which is available as anybody can access the web to read the information. A small percentage of universities have specific subjects and the research  can be found from the universities to get good data.Company reports- These reports are useful as they research a competitor. They have all of the information which provides sales figures and profit figures. This type of information is given over a period of 5 years so it can give a good understanding.This is where the information is held about the people in terms of what they buy and why they buy the product or service from the company.This can also be used to see the reactions of the adverts and the views of the new designs and products customer prefer.Qualitative research gives more detailed answers and lets the business know the customers emotions.This is where the numbers and figures are produced ie,number of sales per month. Qualitative research can be used to show the trends with a business when using graphical data,keep track of the amounts and the market shares for large businesses, calculate the amount of stores which stock a regular product and keep a track of the money which is being put into the business and put the money towards the promoting of their products.


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