Pride was quick to accept other’s opinions of

Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen Pride and Prejudice taught me not to base a person’s character on other’s opinions and first impressions. I enjoyed the story line although, I found it to be rather slow at times. I wouldn’t change much about the book and understand why it is a classic.

I would recommend this book because I found it to be interesting, and I believe others would enjoy it as well. I am very satisfied with the book I chose to read over the summer. I enjoyed the elements of this text, the setting and characters in particular. I don’t often read books written in the time period as Pride and Prejudice, but I found it to be fascinating. I enjoyed Austen’s variety of characters and their personalities. My favorite characters were Jane and Mr.

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Darcy. I could apply Jane’s character to an older sister figure in my own life. I enjoyed learning the layers to Mr. Darcy and realized that I, like Elizabeth, was quick to accept other’s opinions of him before forming my own. The unveiling of the story was a little too sluggish in the beginning, in my opinion, but I soon was engrossed while reading it. To me, the theme of this book is best summarized in the title Pride and Prejudice. Elizabeth’s pride stopped her from making an opinion herself as well as the prejudice of others.

She let others views become her own before having any experiences of the matter herself. I think Austen wanted to share this point so that others would give new things a chance before making assumptions. Mr. Darcy, Mr. Wickham, and Miss Darcy’s characters were not what they were suggested to be in the beginning.

This book showed the importance.

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