Plot sisters at Netherfield.She becomes ill and

Plot SummaryAs the story begins, Mr. Bingley has just rented the mansion at Netherfield Park, and the whole town is anxious to meet their wealthy new neighbor.Mrs. Bennet is particularily excited at the prospect of the young, Mr. Bingley making a good suiter for one of the daughters.Shortly after Mr.

Bennet calls on Mr. Bingly, the whole Bennet family becomes acquainted with Bingley at a ball.To the ball, Bingley brings his friend Mr. Darcy, who refuses to dance with any of the young ladies, and quickly earns himself the title of arrogant snob.Bingley is more personable and dances with several young ladies, but he pays partiular attention to Jane.

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Over the weeks as the Benets encounter the Netherfield residents at various social functions, Bingley's addmiration for Jane continues to grow , and Darcy begins to grow fond of Elizabeth, though he does not show it.One day, Jane goes to visit Bingley's sisters at Netherfield.She becomes ill and stays at Netherfield to recover.Elizabeth comes to Netherfield to take care of her sister, and is met with disdain fromMiss Bingley, who notices Dary's growing affection for Elizabeth.

As Elizabeth and Jane return home from Netherfield, their cousin Mr. Collins comes to visit.During the visit, Mr.

Collins tries to choose a siutable wife for himself from one of the Bennet girls, and decides to propose to Lizzy.Elizabeth hurts Mr. Collin's pride by refusing his proposal, however he soon finds himself a wife in Charlette Lucas.Meanwhile, the Bennet who often visit their aunt in Maryton are becoming very friendly with the militia officers that are station in the town.Elizabeth becomes enchanted with one particular soldier, Mr. Wickham, who expresses to her his relation to Mr. Darcy, and explains that Darcy has cruelty with held his inheritance from him.

Mr. Bingley and Mr. Darcy return to London when winter arrives, and the Benet's learn of Charlette Lucas and Mr.

Collin's engagement.Jane goes to London to visit friends, with an ulterior motive to see Mr. Bingley.Mr. Bingley never comes to visit Jane, however Miss Bingley does, and she makes very clear her dislike for Jane.

In the spring, Elizabeth visits Charlette and Mr. Collins at their home near Lady Catherine's residence.Mr. Darcy, being Lady Catherine's nephew, calls on his aunt several times during Elizabeth's visit, and even calls on the Collin's residence.One afternoon, Darcy visits Elizabeth while she is alone at the Collin's home, and offers her a proposal of marriage.

Elizabeth, shocked and offended by his arrogant proposal, refuses him, and rebukes him for trying to keep Bingley and Jane apart, and for his cruelty to Wickham.Darcy leaves andwrites a letter to Elizabeth explaining that he tried to keep Bingley from Jane because he thought that Jane did not really love Bingley, and that Wickham is a deceptive man who, earlier in the previous year, tried to elope with Darcy's younger sister.When Elizabeth reads this letter, she begins to reevaluate her opinion of Darcy.As Elizabeth returns home, the militia is preparing to leave Meryton.Lydia persuades her father to allow her to go with one of the colonels to Brighton where the militia will be stationed.Meanwhile, Elizabeth leaves again to go on a trip with the her aunt and uncle, Mr.

and Mrs. Gardiner.They travel north stay in a neighborhood near Pemberly, Mr. Darcy's estate.One day the three visit Pemberly while Darcy is away.The servants of the home tell Lizzy that Mr. Darcy is a kind and generous man.

Darcy sunsuspectingly arrives home and runs into Elizabeth and the Gardiners.As he speaks Elizabeth and her aunt and uncle, Darcy is very pleasant unlike before, and insist that Elizabeth meet his sister Georgiana.Over the next few days, Elizabeth finds herself enjoying her time with Darcy.

Elizabeth soon receive a letter from home describing how Lydia eloped with Wickham and is nowhere to be found.The family fears that the couple may be living together out of wedlock, which would bring disgrace upon the family name.Elizabeth relays the contents of the letter to Darcy, and imidianetly returns home.Mr. Gardiner and Mr. Bennet go out in search for Lydia and Wickham.Mr. Bennet soon returns with no luck.

Mr. Gardiner eventually tracks the couple down and reports that Wickham has agreed to marry Lydia in exchange for an annual income.The Bennets believe that the Gardiners have paid Wickham, but Elizabeth learns the Darcy is the one who pad Wickham. Lydia and Wickham come to Longbourn for a short visit before leaving to Northern England for Wickham' s new assignment.Bingley and Darcy return to Netherfield.Bingley continues to peruse in Jane, and soon proposes to her.As the family celebrates, Lady Cathrine.

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