Pretty Woman Report essay

The goals that Viviane viewed throughout the start of the film were the need o sleep with men’s on the street for money. She did not have any plans for her future besides making money in the present. Viviane did not value herself and she mistreated her body. She wore very provocative clothes and her sense of belonging directed towards the streets and clubs. She depended on those areas to find men’s with money to sleep with. Viviane was constantly judged and mistreated for the way she dressed and what she did for a living. Being a hooker she was looked down on and lowered.

In Edwards case, he reviewed his goals were to expand his companies equines and to build up his financial status. He had no thoughts on building up a family or being in a long committed relationship. Edward was constantly traveling and he lives in different cities, hotels and penthouses that he owns because of his work and busy schedule. He displayed himself as a very well groomed businessman; dressed in a clean tuxedo and his perfect tie. Being a hooker, Viviane was insulted greatly at the Beverly Hill stores for the way she dressed.She was judged, mistreated and offended because of her provocative clothing. This made Viviane uncomfortable and offended as she found it very insulting.

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Viviane also felt out of place as the hotel managers and workers did not welcome her and wanted her to leave the hotel. During the social horse race event, Viviane was greatly insulted and offended by Edwards lawyer. He wanted to sleep with her and he also deliberately called her a hooker to her face. Edward was always well respected everywhere he went, he always has services under him whenever he calls for and being well treated like a prince.He has all the money he could ever need and he also has all the employees that were there to take care of his matters. Edward also never missed a single day Of work in his life until he met Viviane. The ways of communication used in this film was by the telephone but in the film ‘Pretty Woman’ it directed more facial conversations rather than over the line communication.

The emotional development constructed by both Edward and Viviane towards the ending of the film was growing feelings for each other, knowing that it would be difficult for them to be together.Towards the end of this film, both Viennese and Edwards needs and wants have changed both emotionally and physically. Viviane has learnt to treasure her body and value herself and her status more. She was able to feel insulted and offended when she was called a “hooker” and this stated that she wants to have a higher social status than to be low and cheap and wonder the streets. Viviane grew restricted feelings for Edward, as she knew there were boundaries that she couldn’t cross. As for Edward he changed into a whole new person because of the influences that Viviane has placed on him.Edward now learns to appreciate others and he feels the need to keep Viviane, he’s mind is set to have her and live long and build a family with her.

Edward and Viviane grew wiser on making the right decisions and expressing what they really need and want. They don’t just simply need money now but what they really want and need was the company of each other. The two individuals have learnt that money wasn’t everything they needed. To be able to value someone and something was much more valuable than being a billionaire or having a bit more money.

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