Presentation Self Evaluation Form essay

Friends are Presentation Name Forever What did you do well? Basically covered all the material in my section to inform our classmates. I made strong points to summary all the ideas that I would present. There were some issues with my voice and I believe I will try my best to get it improved. We practiced a lot and met for like three hours to make sure that every good detail was covered in the slides. So think myself and my group did a good bob on covering detail and expressing them to the audience.

What could you do to be more effective? Will try to talk louder, more precise. Because my voice was too soft that not everyone in the classroom would hear it. And will try not to look at the notes more often by memorize the important ideas of what I am going to present. I was talking kind of fast because was nervous and I hope it would improve on the next presentation What will you work on, specifically, for your next presentation? I am working on how to speak louder without talking too fast.

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