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Present Past In the past, as well as the present, the same issues of dominance, physical and mental abuse, and worthlessness can be seen. It’s an ugly revolving cycle; however, in today’s society it takes place. No matter, how little of it you see or if you don’t see it all.We can be blinded by these types of abuse, for the simple fact that it’s already a custom to us. In “Sweat” Zora has been living in a harsh mentally abusive home for years.We can only believe that the abuse also took place before their marriage. I ask myself “ Why did this take place?” the only answer I can come up with is that men where the sole provider of the house; Therefore, they felt as the dominant key figure, while the female stayed at home doing the same, if not more working from home being a housewife.

Unfortunately, we measure work by the amount of income brought into the house and not the actual work being done. I know that Zora living in the conditions of a mentally abusive husband “You sho’ is one aggrevatin’ nigger woman!” (487).This kind of abuse is no way to have treated a wife or treat a wife, but it still takes place. Many wonder “if it does take place in today’s society why not just leave?” I’m sure its easier said then done. Men aren’t stupid especially dominant ones; I think they particularly marry a woman who is lower then them so it’s easier for the men to start the abuse.

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However, as the years change women have realized they play a larger role in society and they themselves have become more dominant. Sometimes the roles of the past are switched in today’s society. But, woman being the dominant figure in a household is still at a small percentage.

“Desiree’s Baby” by Kate Chopin is very familiar to Sweat. They both have Mentally abusive husband. It was a very hard time for the inferior women to act against the wishes of her man. Believe it or not in today’s society this same scenario plays out in many families houses. I enjoy reading both stories because I realized two things, one is that women have learned to value themselves more today then in the past, second we

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