Prescription One of the drugs that are painkillers

Prescription drugs are the most addicting thing there is for teenagers.

A lot of people believe if they take the drugs once or twice they won’t get caught up in all the problems you are told about before you take them. The only people that should take the drugs are people who are ever sick and are giving the drugs by a doctor. One of the most addicting drugs is pain killers the drugs distort your actions by making you feel no pain and cause you not to care about nothing but yourself. One of the drugs that are painkillers are oxy cotton there are the most addicting pain killer there is it is also the most deadly, a lot of people take them in 40 or 80 mg pills which are giving to people who are in suiver pain or about to pass away. A lot of people that I new were on oxys and I did not like being around them any more because they are always trying to find ways to get high or get money, they would even steal off of there family and friends.

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I also know some people who died from using oxys but still their friends will still use them or finds others ways to get high off of things they have no clue about. Oxycontin is one of several opium. It is a high potency pain killer that comes in time released tablets that last for 12h hours. As far as pills on the street go, Oxycontin is a hand grenade amongst firecrackers. According to reports the drug was over marketed, and the pills are easily available on the street. Kids have figured out that if you chew or crush or snort the tablet that you bypass the time release feature and it will give you a high much like high grade heroin but with worse consequences. Most kids are actually not aware of the heroin link and do not realize how dangerous this drug is.

5mg of OXY has as much active ingredients as One perkocet. So chewing or snorting a 80mgOxy is like taking 20 perkocets all at once. But people just don't realize what they are putting into their.

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